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Planning Your Walk-in Closet

Determining if there is enough room to store all the hanging items is an excellent place to start. Additionally, creating a wish list of other things to be included can also help identify if the closet will be large enough to store everything. Professional closet designers evaluate space and inventory wardrobes, so many people find that working with a closet designer helps streamline the process.

One strategy is to use the original rods and shelves of the existing closet however this does nothing to expand the capacity or add additional organizational options. To properly organize and maximize usable space its necessary to add a proper closet system.

A great system will add more storage capacity. In addition to maximizing hanging a great design increases space allowing for more features like drawers, shelving, and even specialty built-ins like islands, vanities and more.

Creating a complete space has become part of a modern walk-in. Including a focal point is one way to enhance the design. Focal points can be the area designer handbags are displayed while others may include a chaise lounge, custom island or gorgeous chandelier.

Wall treatments aren’t part of the closet system project but frequently planned out and added before the system installation. Walls and even ceiling treatments are another additional decorative layer that adds color, texture, and patterns for the room environment.

Lighting makes it easier to view the wardrobe items, and when done correctly it can create warmth and drama. Lighting elements can include a chandelier or recessed downlighting strategically placed. Additionally, cabinetry lighting or LED strips can be added inside the closet system to add focus to critical areas of the wardrobe and accessories providing a retail or showcase effect.

A good closet floor should be attractive and easy to maintain. No one type of flooring is better than another, so it’s a personal preference. Carpet, tile or wood are favorite selections and look beautiful when accented with a cozy throw rug.

Decorating puts the final touches into the space transforming it into a welcoming and magical environment. Items like hangers and family photographs add polish to display areas. For some, a well-curated wardrobe is all the staging needed while others add furnishings such as a chaise lounge or a favorite piece of art.

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