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How to Organize Your Wardrobe

About this Guide

While you wear clothes on a daily basis, do you know how to organize your wardrobe on a daily basis?

In the following pages, we have assembled some useful tips to help you organize your wardrobe and closet. This guide was written with the help of best-selling author and organizing expert Regina Leeds, so we know the tips are tried and true, and will keep your closet and wardrobe organized.

This guide breaks down how to organize your wardrobe into several strategies.

The first organization strategy encourages her readers to try is to group your clothes by type. This means organizing by grouping all of your slacks together, your jeans together and your blouses together and so on. This strategy creates wardrobe sections which will make getting dressed faster and less challenging. Even if you don’t have an extensive wardrobe, this guide explains how you can group casual from corporate or keeping warm-weather outfits separated from cold-weather outfits.

The second strategy Regina writes about in this guidebook to organize your wardrobe is to practice separating clothing articles by color. For example, she writes that you should pair the following colors together:

  • White and Off-whites,
  • Beiges and Browns,
  • Blues and Purples
  • Pinks and Reds
  • Greens and Yellows
  • Greys and Blacks

Another important point that Regina emphasizes in this helpful guidebook is how important it is to organize your shoes. A closet can look incredibly disorganized if shoes aren’t handled correctly. In fact, she reveals that this is the number one issue most people face when trying to organize a closet. To avoid the shoe clutter, Regina recommends a couple of strategies:

  • Get your shoes off the floor!
  • Use slanted shoe shelves for those shoes your wear everyday
  • Keep your dress shoes protected but visible by using acrylic shoe drawer
  • Omit shoe boxes because they are never the same shape and size, and they look bad when stacked




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