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About This Guide

Closet hangers can make a huge impact on the way your closet looks and functions. That’s why Closet Factory has created its “Guidebook to Closet Hangers.” Inside this guide, you will learn some great ideas on how to best use your hangers to keep your closet organized and your clothing looking its best. For example, you will find tips on why you should avoid using wire hangers, why grouping your extra hangers together can create more closet space, and why facing your clothes in the same direction creates a visual picture that resembles a department store showroom or elegant boutique. The information inside this book is designed to help you maintain a closet environment that is organized and more efficient, while also guiding you toward keeping your clothes lasting longer and looking better, which will save you money over the long run. Not only that, this guidebook will also teach you what type of hanger should be used with specific items of clothing. For example, you will learn what type of hanger should be used with a long dress; what type of closet hanger should be used with lingerie; what hanger type do you use with sweaters, bathrobes, and even bikinis. Enjoy learning about the different finishes hangers can come in, including bamboo, honey, cedar, walnut and many more. Finally, we have even included a special promotional offer for you.

Download your copy of “A Guidebook to Hangers” and learn how to leverage hangers inside your closet to a whole new level.

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