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Planning Your Dressing Room


Consider if you will store your entire wardrobe in the designated dressing room or if it will be more of an area to stage your outfits, dress for the day, and maybe even a secluded spot to relax.


Take a mental inventory of your wardrobe including clothing spread out in closets throughout the home.  If there is a large selection of garments in places other than your bedroom closet, you’ll want to be sure to include space for hanging so it’s easy to see what there is and create outfits.


Consider including items that aide in your daily dressing practices, like accessories, jewelry, and shoes. Bringing like items together in one place enhances your dressing experience.


There is more to a space of this type than storing clothing. Think about pieces of furniture that will transform the area from the closet to the dressing room. Including a sitting arrangement as a defining element and determined by the intended use. Should it be a vanity for admiring jewelry, a bench for putting shoes on, a chaise for relaxing or perhaps a counter for journaling? By adding comfortable seating, like a plush sofa, or ottoman you can create a cozy atmosphere that is both extravagant and functional.


Create the mood of your choosing with a wide range of lighting options.  Light is an essential factor in the final equation as clearly illuminating the dressing space for proper outfit selection is a must.  Consider decorative lighting as well by adding a chandelier to add an element of luxury.


For many, the desire to combine dressers is often the case while others prefer to incorporate an island, so there is a large counter to fold and pack. These spaces will often include personal mementos that add character to them and act as a focal point adding decorative value for that personal touch.


And finally, for any dressing room, mirrors are a must-have and when possible include a 3-way type.  Whether they are of the floor-to-ceiling variety or a part of a small vanity, you’ll want a space to realistically evaluate your appearance while selecting your ensemble for the day’s adventures.


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