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Planning Your Reach-in Closets


During the design process for your reach-in closet, you’ll want to start with a plan that is two-fold and considers both storage items and space.  A designer is well-equipped to help you begin this process as it can seem overwhelming at first.  To start, you’ll want to assess the clothing items that you have at your disposal that you will want to store in your closet.  Ask yourself what items your new system will house.  Will your new space only provide storage for shirts and sweaters, or will it need capacity for tailored suits which require hanging lengths?


Reach-in closets are all about functionality, and maximizing space.  Your designer will help you analyze the area you’re working with and help you tailor a well-thought-out plan based on a combination of their experience and the size of the wall closet.  Whether a homeowner with only a small space or a more expansive one, you can still achieve the ideal design for your wardrobe.  Your designer will help you with the modifications based on your storage needs and the space for your wall closet.


Begin the design process with considerable attention to hanging space, and then moving on to shelving, ideally 12 and 16 inches deep to ensure that items are not lost in the depths of the closet.  The key to a great design is ergonomics – the process of designing spaces so they fit the people using them.  So instead of having to rummage around on the floor to find shoes, or endless bending down to place items on shelves at knee height, more ergonomic design will help store items so that they are easier to find and grab right away with little effort.  The organization will, in turn, help keep the closet nice and tidy.


A great reach-in design also includes functionality for a wide range of closet essentials, along with accessories. Racks for wardrobe accessories like belts, ties, and jewelry are also a big part of the equation.  Smart spaces will include valets for pairing outfits, belt racks, tie storage, and even scarf racks. And shoes may be stacked on built-in shelves or even in lower level drawers for easy access.


Just because the closet opts for functionality over excess, doesn’t mean that it can’t be embellished with stylish extras like moldings and LEd lights.  Freshly painted walls and doors may also add extra flair to your space while adding mirrored doors offer dual functionality.  There are no limits to the creativity when designing the ideal bedroom closet.  The closet of your dreams is literally within your reach.


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