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Offering free VIRTUAL design consultations, IN-HOME appointments, and a HYBRID of the two. Design options vary by location due to COVID-19 and local restrictions. We want you, our client, to feel safe. Select the option that best fits your comfort zone, and works within community restrictions currently in place. Sign up or call us and speak to your local office for more detailsGet More Info

Design Board

    The Closet Design Tool For Sharing Custom Closet Design Ideas

    Welcome to Closet Factory’s Design Board. This tool allows the user to create a custom closet design board of images they like as one browsers the site. First time users will need to sign up for an account and review “How Does It Work?” above to get started. If you have already used this tool and created a closet design board that you wish to view or make additions please login.

    Schedule a free design consultation with a designer.

    Each of our custom offices is completely personalized and begins with a complimentary design appointment.

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    What should I expect?

    During the consultation you and a designer will discuss your goals, wish list, and project budget, with the aim of designing an office system, and work area that will:

    • Maximize your space
    • Organize your supplies
    • Create space for everything
    • Create optimum visibility
    • Preserve your items
    • Harmonize with your décor