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wardrobe closet with kleather doors and mirro drawer fronts

Planning a Wardrobe Closet

Because wardrobe closets require at least 24″ in depth to accommodate hanging garments some walls may not be practical to consider. Aisle space along with obstructions in the ceiling such as attic access or light fixtures will be analyzed. Working with a professional closet designer will help determine the walls that hold the most potential.

The wall selected or possibility the ceiling height can create some space limitations. However, these closets offer some creative solutions that allow optimizing all the usable space not only horizontally but vertically as well.

The configuration is unique to the user and specific storage needs. Some curate their wardrobe and are very particular limiting the items they buy and keep, others store only seasonal items rotating garments as seasons change, while others plan to consolidate it all in one place. Knowing this information helps to personalize the components needed in the different sections.

One nice feature of these cabinets is that they can be designed to reflect any style, theme, or motif. Use mirrored door inserts and glass shelving for that starlet feel or use beautiful wood finishes and decorative moldings to match existing décor. These spaces can be modern, traditional, a combination of styles or unique. They can appear to be built-in cabinets or look as though they are a reach-in closet complete with sliding mirror or barn style doors.

Before the cabinetry installation, think about any areas of the room that may also need alternation or updates.  Floors, walls, and lighting are some of these areas typically evaluated.  Some plan on changing floor types while others might wish to add paint to the walls or change out light fixtures. These details should be discussed ahead of time with the closet designer, so it is easy to finalize plans.

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