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shoe closet with library ladder

Planning Your Shoe Closet

One of the first things to consider when designing the perfect shoe storage system is the size of the shoe collection. The first step is to be realistic about the number of shoes to be stored. Most people have no idea exactly how many pairs of shoes they have or care about because everyday shoes can often be scattered about while others stored in shoe boxes and long forgotten.

Determine the space to work with and exactly what the storage needs are for the complete custom design. Is there a secondary closet that can be converted into a shoe closet and if so, will it be large enough for the entire collection? ¬ Consider if the reach-¬in or is it a walk¬-in be able to accommodate more complex design elements. Perhaps converting a second bedroom into a shoe storage system may be the answer allowing for more room to create specialty pieces like islands, mirrors, and display.

Assess the different styles and consider how to organize them appropriately. Like styles should be stored together. Create groupings with everything from kitten to high heels, wedges, to flats appropriately, and separate everyday footwear such as athletic shoes and Uggs for an area less visual.

Consider the big picture and what else will be stored along with the shoe collection. For woman pairing handbags and shoes is natural while men and woman both like to coordinate belts with footwear. Because it’s custom it’s entirely up to the individual and what makes the most sense. A closet designer can often help determine how much space is left over to fill with similar or complimentary items.

Often thought to be the fun part of the project is selecting the design elements. Features like LED lighting can add emphasis to high-end designer labels, while the style of the shelving structure can be used to showcase brands and shoe styles in fun ways. Consider adding extra flair with painted walls in dramatic or soft color palettes as well as wallpaper before the installation of the system. Create the look and feel of a high-end boutique by adding glass shelves for favorite pairs of shoes while hanging designer boots to show them best off. To create a more masculine space, utilize darker wood paneling and mirrors to add the illusion of space and the opportunity to check your entire look before rushing out the door.

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