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finesse closet system at new american home 2018

Planning Finesse Closet Systems


Finesse is all about style and less about increasing storage, for this reason, one should evaluate if this is the right system for storing existing clothing and future purchasing habits. It’s designed to be a showpiece and make a statement with units constructed to be 7 or 8 feet tall creating more space than the typical closet that comes with a built-in rod and shelf, but it’s not as expandable as Closet Factory’s floor-based systems.  It is highly recommended working with a closet designer to confirm the wardrobe inventory fits into the closet and the design.


Finesse is a visual system that looks its best laid out as a boutique. Clothing should hang loosely on the rods rather than tightly packed while folded items may contain two or three pieces to the stack leaving plenty of air space above. Shoes are stored in the lower portion of the sections or below drawers.


Components such as the rods, shelves, and drawers anchor into the system’s back panels, therefore, walk-in closets should have a square or rectangle shape. Curves and octagon configurations may not be suitable for this system. Additionally, it’s essential to have a ceiling height of at least 8 feet. The taller the ceiling, the more the airy quality of the closet will be enhanced.


Since style is the main component of the system, a great light fixture is a must-have in a walk-in closet.  Jumping onboard with the chandelier trend is a great way to enhance the space. Flooring is another critical part of the room design along with area rugs, decorative boxes, matching hangers, and other decorative items.


Planning for a complementary designed chaise lounge, love seat, or chair will accentuate the room as well as add additional function while dressing.









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