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Four Basic Strategies to Create the Perfect Curated Walk-in Closet

A curated closet
A great curated closet will have an assembly of collected sun glasses, hand bags, hats, shoes, and clothing.

These days creating a curated closet is the center of Vogue. However, without a fashion strategy (the cornerstone of curation), creating a beautiful curated closet will be difficult. Even worse, you may become vulnerable to purchasing clothing on a whim, creating the classic conundrum of too many clothes in your closet and nothing to wear!

Here are four great takeaways on how to create a clothing strategy for you, and begin your journey toward your own carefully curated closet.

A couple of years ago, author and psychologist Anuschka Rees wrote a fascinating book entitled, “The Curated Closet”. In her book, Ms. Rees provides some great tips on how to create a smarter closet. Here are four great takeaways from her book on how to create a clothing strategy for you, and begin your journey toward your own carefully curated closet.

First Step – Step Away from the Sales

The concept surrounding sales and discounts is simple and can be traced back as far as ancient Greece. You have an item to sell, you reduce the price, and the buyer is enticed to purchase the item while also believing they can buy more for less. We all love to buy sale items because they seem like a good deal.  However, what typically happens is we usually settle for something we don’t really want. Actually, garments made from the best quality material, and in the most universal styles rarely go on sale. So, if you want to create a curated closet it might be a good idea to avoid the sales. You may go in looking for a black cocktail dress and come out with six spaghetti-strapped blouses.  

Second Step – How to Know Your Color Palette

Understanding how your individuality and style are reflected in the color clothes you wear is critical when creating a curated closet. You need to understand accent colors versus neutral colors, and basic pieces versus accent pieces. Start by figuring out what colors you like and for what types of garments. Like you know yellow pants look great on you, but yellow blouses make your complexion look pale. Believe it or not, this will provide you a lifetime of simplicity and clarity. By being confident of your own personal style, you will rarely be sucked into fashion trends or discounted garments. Become the leader of your own fashion trends, and focus your wardrobe around those trends.

Third Step – Quality Over Quantity Every Time

We are drowning in cheap clothing, and closets across the country are flooded with inexpensive clothes. By buying inexpensive clothing items, you will actually be committing two common mistakes: you will clutter your closet with unwanted, and short-lived items, and you will actually be paying more money for your wardrobe. Inexpensive clothing will wear out faster, and lose its shape faster than higher quality items. Recently, fashion designer Elizabeth Cline noted that the national average people spend roughly $1,100 per year on clothing. She said most people would be much better off (both economically and stylistically) if instead of buying another pair of jeans when they already own 10, to invest that money in something that they’ve never owned. The key is to pay attention to quality. Look for natural fibers such as cottons and wools, and avoid synthetic fibers. Also take a close look at the stitching and the overall construction of the garments you buy. Start looking at the details, and soon you will learn to become a savvy clothes shopper, which will help you save money and stock your closet with quality clothing.

Fourth Step – Less is More

We’ve heard it before: less is more. But what does that mean when it refers to your closet? Well, it really means getting your wardrobe down to the most basic combinations that can be reinvented over years. Clutter is stressful, and actually effects the quality of our lives. Start by

Imagining your closet is a store. Select only the clothing items that appeal to you. Choose the garments that really speak to you. It’s not about how much you have worn the item. The question is, do you like it? Do you love it enough that you would buy it again? Price is not an issue. The object is to focus on what is desirable by eliminating the noise and clutter. Now, look at your selected pieces. Which ones would you rebuy?  Most likely, you will begin to see your wardrobe with a new set of eyes, and begin to think like a curator instead of a consumer.



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