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Custom Closets vs. DIY Closet Kits

Custom closets can be beautiful and a better strategy that going with a DIY closet kit.
Custom closets are a great investment for your home.

You have decided you need a new custom closet system. Now, do you bring in a professional company to create custom closet for you, or do you use a high-end DIY closet kit to install yourself?  To help you out with this decision, we thought it might be a good idea to discuss the differences between custom closets and DIY closets.

Let’s review.

1. Wall-Mounted vs Custom Systems

Most DIY closet systems are wall mounted, so you will need to install it yourself which requires the correct tools and advanced home improvement skills. Oh, and lots and lots of time. They also generally don’t go all the way to the floor, which restricts how deep shelving, drawers and cabinets can be in the system. In comparison, a custom closet system by Closet Factory is anchored to your floor for added stability, which also allows the shelving, drawers and cabinets to be of various depths.

Floor based closet systems also allow you extra style options like toe kicks, base moulding or a continuous kick plate, and the systems look like actual furniture whereas wall-hung systems do not because of the space between the unit and the floor. While some wall-mounted systems can be custom fit to your closet they are generally pre-fabricated and come in standard factory sizes, so you will need specific tools and the ability to cut them to your exact sizes.

2. Custom Design vs Design it Yourself

Reach-in custom closet
Custom closets can be installed in walk-in closets and reach-in closets.

With a custom closets company, you get a free design consultation with an expert designer who will come to your home, measure your space, listen to what you want and design a closet specifically focused on your needs. Pros know to create a personalized closet design, so they will show you everything at a glance, which makes visualizing the design a breeze. They also factor in aisle space and accessibility in the corners and they will take into account issues you may not be aware of like headers in closets, and obstructions like outlets, floor safes and light fixtures.

Although some DIY retailers have a “design my closet” feature to help you layout a closet design, you still need to do the work yourself. DIY products may also offer a design service, but usually that DIY designer is a stranger on the phone who will never come to your home and actually see the space. Keep in mind, creating a closet design with someone by phone or via fax can lead to design flaws when important information about structural details like return walls or obstruction issues are not provided. You won’t have this problem with a professional designer who knows what questions to ask and what to factor into a design.

3. Professional Installation vs DIY Installation

Unless you are extremely skilled in the realm of home improvement, installing a DIY closet yourself can be daunting. Not only do you need certain tools, but you also have to precisely install each component or you may end up with a less than desirable result. Mounting any of the systems takes skill especially if the design of the closet is in multiple sections. The systems need to be leveled and since clothing is heavy, the system must be attached to the wall properly or it will pull out of the wall taking everything with it while leaving huge holes. Even inexpensive wire systems can pose issues if not attached properly.

4. The Bottom Line

Although high-end closet systems can range into the thousands, the price difference between custom made closets and DIY is not as great as you think. Some retailers offer professional installation services, but they come at an additional cost which then defeats the cost-saving efforts of designing a closet system yourself.

Custom companies include installation in the price and offer warranties as well. Because custom companies offer free design consultation, you are best served investing one to two hours of your time in a meeting with a custom closet designer. Ultimately, it will be clear that for just a few more dollars, a company that specializes in custom closets is the savvy choice. After factoring in your time and effort in addition to the uncertainty of whether your dream closet will come out the way you envision, the price difference is ultimately not worth your anxiety, frustration and labor.

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