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Closet Factory Reviews

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Video By: Sherrin Holder
Location: Hampton Roads

Closet Factory Review – Rick

Video 2 of two videos by Reverie and Rick Rowlett. Rick’s closet is a smaller reach-in that was originally equipped with wire hanging. Now, he has ample organized hanging, slanted shoe shelves, drawers, and a shelves behind doors! Listen to Rick’s story.


“Hi. I’m Rick Rowlett. I’m Part 2 of this demonstration. My wife just told you about the closet that she had installed and I have had one installed here also.

There are several things I like about it. In the first place, the closet space we have in this closet is not very large at all.

And what I gained out of this was a tremendous amount of organization in a small space.

I like the fact, in particular, that I’ve got shoe racks that you can see down on the bottom so I can store several pair of shoes, which I had before, essentially, arranged all over the closet.

With the drawers in particular, and the doors that I have on here, I’m able to put things up here and keep them behind the doors, hidden, where before I had the light wire racks in here and essentially everything was visible. So, the closet didn’t look very organized.

In this particular closet arrangement I’m able to keep suits and dress shirts on one side, long sleeved shirts on the bottom below that, and then I’ve got, on other side, places to hang other types of things more for summer wear.

I’ve got shelves up on the top; way at the top that you can see, because this arrangement is an arrangement all the way to the ceiling, which I did not have before.

And while I haven’t put anything up there yet, as you can see in this video, we’re continuing to work to move things that we had in the closet before here and arrange them in a particular manner.

Probably what I’ll do is use the same type of baskets that my wife used that she talked about, up on the top shelves, too, to organize the closet.

I’d say we’re tremendously happy with the service that we got. We really like the materials. It’s a lot better than anything you can purchase at a place like Home Depot and we’re very satisfied with the product and the service.”

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