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How to keep your home office organized.

About This Guide

The growth of the home office has gained prominence across the county in recent years. However, keeping these home offices organized and running at peak-efficiency can be challenging. That’s why Closet Factory teamed up with Regina Leeds, a professional organizer for more than 20 years, to create this amazing download guidebook called, “How to Organize Your Home Office – Part 2.”

Regina helps her readers approach home office organization in manageable chunks. She explains exactly why it is important to have an organized home office, how organizing your home office can improve your life, and how it can improve the efficiency and tranquility throughout your home/work environment.

In Part 2 of “How to Organize Your Home Office” Regina takes a micro view of the home office functionality.

Filing Systems

For example, she explains how few people use a filing system correctly. In many cases, the filing system is like a cemetery, where old information is laid to rest rather than resembling a dynamic storehouse of current information that can be accessed easily. Regina explains that the most effective filing systems can be created by following these steps:

  • Buy a box of manila files to place inside hanging file folders
  • Sort each project into relevant categories for easy access (i.e. vendors, financial information, correspondence, and legal documents.)
  • Replace hanging file folder plastic labeling tabs with long tabs for more meaningful project names
  • Use a label maker for easy-to-read descriptions on labels

Paper Organization System

Another area Regina describes in this guidebook is how to efficiently organize your papers. She explains the best paper organization system follows these steps:

Gather all your papers in one area that is free from clutter

Divide paperwork into three categories: Work, Personal, Archive

Try to organize archival information into broad categories like tax, home repair, warranties, etc.

Bookcase Organization

Bookcases are a classic location for clutter. However, by taking a little effort to keep your bookcase organize, it can actually become a visually interesting piece of furniture that also has real-world value. Regina provides these insights into how to organize your bookcase:

Organize novels, reference and non-fiction books into identifiable sections for quick access. Don’t overload the shelves with photos or decorative items. (If you have a lot of photos and brick aback items, rotate your collection on a monthly basis rather than displaying everything at once.

Maintaining Organization

The final area of focus for home offices includes the practice of maintaining organization.

After all, according to Regina, being organized takes just about as much time as it does to stay mired in chaos!





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