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How To Keep Your Office Office Organized guidebook

About This Guide

The growth of the home office has gained significant prominence across the county in recent years. However, keeping these home offices organized and running at peak-efficiency can be challenging. That’s why Closet Factory teamed up with Regina Leeds, a professional organizer for more than 20 years, to create this amazing download guidebook called, “How to Organize Your Home Office – Part 1.”

In this guidebook, Regina helps her readers approach home office organization in small, manageable chunks. She explains exactly why it is important to have an organized home office, how organizing your home office can improve your life, and how home office organization can improve the efficiency and tranquility of your home/work environment.

According to Regina, the best way to begin your home office organization task is to take a walk around the block to help clear your head! This strategy forces you to view your home office with a fresh set of eyes and objectivity upon your return. At that point, you may notice piles of papers on you side chair, dishes, glasses and coffee cups might be scattered about, and even a chaotic collection of electronic devices snaking across your desk. Even framed photos or potted plants can create desk chaos. She even recommends examining the paint and light fixtures.

At this point, Regina encourages home-based entrepreneurs to create a list of the things you feel you need to purchase or to accomplish in order to bring your home office up-to-par. From there, create a list of tasks and schedule them on a calendar that can be accomplished over the next month or two. This is a good way to determine which items on your list need to be purchased now or can wait a couple of weeks.

Here is a typical home office to-do list:

  • Room needs a fresh coat of paint
  • Need to purchase/eliminate bookcases
  • Desk is too small/too large
  • Chair is not comfortable; needs a plastic mat underneath
  • Wastebasket is too small/too large; need to purchase a shredder
  • Lighting in this room is inadequate: must use larger bulbs in overhead lighting and/or place a lamp on the desk
  • Need to create filing system to reduce paper clutter
  • Must clean out bookcase shelves and categorize book
  • Equipment like scanner and printer needs to be closer to the desk
  • Need to purchase a unit that will house files on the desk

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