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Video By: Susan Smith
Location: Portland

Closet Factory Review – Susan S

Downsizing from a large home into a condo was a concern for Bob and Al, but Susan Smith from the Closet Factory of Portland OR was able to design a system that would display all of their beautiful treasures, store their media, incorporate a cherished antique fireplace, and hide an unsightly furnace closet door.


Hi. I’m Susan Smith, a designer with Closet Factory and Wall Beds of Oregon in Portland, Oregon. And we’re here to show you some of our work and chat a little bit with the clients who have guided us in the process.

Generally our clients have a pretty good idea of what they need and want for their project, and so we just put our heads together and design, concept, and the look that they have in mind and get that rolling; that aspect of it rolling.

And it’s turned over to our experienced engineers and shop folks at our facility. They execute it and then turn it over to the installers, who show up and it’s their responsibility to get it installed.

It’s a well-oiled machine with engineers and craftsman that have been with us for a long, long time and do beautiful work.

So, I’ll let Al and Bob tell you a little bit about the concept that they had for their project and they guided us in executing the process.

Client: We lived in a very large space before we moved here, and we thought, how could we downsize and keep some of our treasures that we’ve had for so many years?

And so the Closet Factory came into our lives and saved us. We are so pleased that we were able to incorporate so many things that we loved so much.

Client #2: They did a fabulous job from beginning to end. We couldn’t have been happier. It made moving from a large space to a smaller space in a different community easy.

We could bring our wonderful things that we’ve enjoyed for years with us. And, from beginning to end, it was a pleasure dealing with all of the people at the Closet Factory.

Client: I want to show you this concept of where our television is. That was a good feature.

And this fireplace front was an antique fireplace front that we had that we wanted to incorporate and it was a little bit of tweaking; quite a bit of tweaking for them to put this together, but their workmen and their skilled installers were excellent in incorporating this in and making it exactly how we wanted it.

This mechanical doors behind the shelving here; we wanted to cover that, so they came up with this concept of this movable shelf that is on rollers that rolls out and it’s easy to change the filter system, which hides the furnace room.

So, we’re extremely pleased with the concept and how they executed that.

Client #2: Working with professionals from beginning to end, it was a pleasure. So, we feel blessed that we found the Closet Factory and that they came into our lives to make our new home happy.

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