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Video By: Cassie Alsbach - Designer
Location: St. Louis Metro

Closet Factory Review – Shelly B

Contest winner Shelly Baum had her small pantry and entry coat closet designed by Cassie Alsbach. The Closet Factory in St. Louis, Missouri manufactured and installed her fantastic systems. Shelly decided to go with white melamine material to match the trim in her home. She gained more hanging space and now actually has reachable and functional shelves!


(Text on screen): Entry Coat Closet Designed by: Cassie Alsbach

Hi. I’m Shelly Baum and this is my closet that Closet Factory came and did for me this morning.

So far, I am just loving it. I love that I can have my coats not be so crammed together. It was just on one single bar going across.

And my vacuum would fall out when people would grab coats and now it’s got its own little spot right here.

I’m gonna put all of our family board games over here. I’m gonna go clear up to the top.

Before, I had the single bar and one single shelf that was about here.

And so whatever I stacked up there was just always falling and tumbling out, and this is just gonna be great. I really appreciate it.

(Text on screen): Designed by: Cassie Alsbach

 Closet Factory Located in St. Louis, Missouri

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