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Video By: Michelle Langley

Closet Factory Review – Michelle L.

Kate Ives gives her Closet Factory custom organization testimony with DC Designer Michelle Langley


“My name is Kate. I live in Springfield, Virginia. And a year or so ago; I live in a very small townhouse.

I only have two bedrooms, and the extra bedroom was serving as a guest room and an office. And it wasn’t doing well as either of those.

 I had a futon couch, I had a small desk for my computer, and it really looked horrible.

So, I decided I needed help. I went around to several different companies and got consultations; had people come to the house and Michelle Langley came to me from the Closet Factory.

And we got along right away and I explained to her what I wanted and she went back to her house and she drew up several; I think about four different designs for me: possibilities for me to look at.

She was very responsive, which I really enjoyed, and I got inspired by her enthusiasm and decided I’m going to totally redecorate the room in addition to getting the Closet Factory work done.

So, I went from having this room that really was an embarrassment to having this room, which is absolutely gorgeous.

And we decided the focal point of the room would be this Frank Lloyd Wright picture that I have, Falling Water, which I absolutely love.

And I did a decorative thing around it. Michelle designed the bookshelf so that it framed the picture.

I have lots of desk space to do my work, because I do telework from home these days.

I have enough book shelves to put all my books in. I got books out of the closet that had been there since I’d moved into the house and they’re all up here now.

I have my files put away. I actually have my music in this lower cabinet, which cleaned up my living room. I had all this music stacked up by the piano in my living room and now it’s here in my office.

The printer for my computer and the paper shredder are all hidden away and look nice.

And in addition I have a queen-sized bed for my guests to stay in. And this really has gone to, for me, a matter of saying to people, “Well, you can stay in my house. I have an extra room” and being kind of embarrassed about it, to, “I have this fabulous guest room that you can stay in and I have company come and stay.

And I wrote Michelle, I think about two weeks after I got the work done, to thank her, and I said, “You know, I have spent more time in this room since you fixed it up for me than in the ten years I’ve lived in this house.”

And it is absolutely true. I come home from work, I sit out at the computer, I do my work, I have company come and stay, and I actually; I won’t show them to you because they’re not all really well organized, but I have empty shelves in here in my office space that have room to grow.

So, it has just been wonderful and I have told everybody I know about the Closet Factory and about Michelle, and said, you know, this is a great outfit and I’m saving my pennies to have her actually organize my closet in this room someday, which is a bit of a mess but I’m sure Michelle will fix it.”

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