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Video By: Oshie Benson
Location: New York

Closet Factory Review – Mark

Mark Ryback Home in Dix Hills Long Island.
Happy with his spare room turned into walk in closet for he and his wife/office for his daughter. Office to house computer and file drawers.


“Hi. My name is Mark Rybak. I live here with my wife Stacy and two children, Alex and Callie.

My wife is a CFO for a major corporation. My son Alex is in high school and my daughter Callie is in middle school.

Mornings was a really hard time for us because we never had an organized closet. We were never able to find our shoes, our belts, or my wife’s work clothes.

Everything was just so chaotic and it was just a disaster.

So I enlisted the help of Oshie Benson from Closet Factory New York to come over and help us transform a spare room into a closet/office space.

I was so impressed when she came over. She sat with us. She measured our clothing. She looked at how much clothing we had. How much long hanging. Short hanging. How many bags, and of course how many shoes we had combined.

She was able to come up with a design so fast and so great to fit our needs.

And then, of course, an office area for our computer in the room.

It was so great having the Closet Factory installers come to our home and build and transform the room into such a great area. They were neat, courteous, clean. They left; I didn’t even know that anybody was there. There was not a speck of dust anywhere.

It was so much fun picking the color, the accessories, tie racks, valet rods, belt racks.

Just really enjoyed the whole process. That, actually, I asked Oshie if she could train me to become a designer.

So, she said, “Of course.” And I went through the training and I loved every minute of it and I am now a Closet Factory designer and loving every minute of it.

I’m just so happy that Oshie and the Closet Factory came into my life.”

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