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Video By: Lori Newman
Location: Fort Lauderdale

Closet Factory Review – Lee

Masters organized with no problem.


Everard Lee: Hello. My name is Everard Lee. My wife, Marjorie.

We live here in Parkland and moved here about 10 years ago and we were having untold problems with respect to assembling our clothing in the various closets of this house.

We went through some literature and found the Closet Factory of Ft. Lauderdale.

And we called, and low and behold, Miss Lori Newman came and visited us. She was a designer.

We explained to her our problems. She looked at the closets, and after laughing, she says, “Not a problem. We can take care of this. We have done things many times and you will be absolutely comfortable and delighted with the end product.”

Well, you know something? She was exactly right. I’ll let Marjorie speak to you with respect to that.

 Marjorie Lee: I’ve always had a problem with clothes and shoes, and my closet was just unbearable.

And then after Lori came and she told us what she could do, I said; I gave in and I said, “OK, we’ll get it done.”

What I like most is the area for my shoes and a closed cupboard for my pocketbooks, because those are always untidy. Now, they’re still untidy but nobody can see them but me because they’re behind closed doors.

 Everard Lee: Now, because of the way the closet was organized, we now have the ability to stack . . . For me, personally, my suits are lined up so orderly, it’s amazing; my shirts.

They were successful in providing us with many, many shelves on which I hide my golf equipment and bags are right on top of the bedroom shelves.

So, it’s been very, very orderly done. They provide us with a tie rack. I have a rod; it’s a valet that I use when I’m dressing. I can just hang my suit. I have a tie rack.

It is so convenient, and everything is now put in place.

So, thank you, Lori, it was wonderful. I must tell you, the gentleman who came to install the product, he was here no more than, I would say, six hours or so, and he succeeded in installing two closets that day: mine and hers.

 Marjorie Lee: And we’ve been enjoying it. How many years have we had it?

 Everard Lee: I think we’ve had it for five or six years now.

 Marjorie Lee: We still enjoy it.

 Everard Lee: And we highly recommend it and have recommended others to Lori’s company and we’re most delighted.

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