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Video By: Closet Factory San Diego
Location: San Diego

Closet Factory Review – Kathy

Guest Room Space maximized by Closet Factory in San Diego


Kathy: We’re here in my guest room. This is a really special room for us in the house. We’re able to accommodate guests when they’re here visiting and when they’re not here we obviously have a lot of space to work on projects.

And it was really important for us to utilize this space in a flexible way.

Crystal Gomez from the Closet Factory really helped us out.

I want to point out a feature right away behind the door. This was a bit of a tricky area for us.

My husband collects a lot of stereo equipment, and he had all these wires that were exposed, and Crystal creatively designed these doors to match the rest of the room.

And all of this is now hidden behind these doors. No one has to look at these wires and hear these sounds.

They’re tucked away nicely and I don’t ever have to look at that again.

And then over here you can see the drawers that match the hideaway bed that Crystal also designed for us.

It’s really sleek and it’s really modern and we just appreciated the style and the design.

It’s also a very, very comfortable bed.

In here we have a closet that has really served many purposes. And we have some really special features in here as well.

Not only does it store different things such as my wrapping paper; just extra equipment of my husband’s, but we also have this really fun ironing board that pulls out, twists, and allows for just a really easy way for us to store an extra ironing board, either for our guests or for using the sewing machine and need to press something while we’re working.

Voice: And that looks pretty easy to put away, Kathy.

 Kathy: Very easy. And people love that. That’s like the hidden treasure in the closet.

But we also have these wonderful drawers that pull out and it makes things very convenient, again, for our guests to store more items when they’re here.

And then over here, I had this idea to create a special place in the room separate from the other storage areas where we can just keep a few items out for our guests.

And Crystal came up with this corner design. It was custom-designed by her. And we just sort of took a few things there that might be useful to our guests. So, of course, their towels go there and various other sundry items.

And I’ll show you how to enjoy the bed. I’ll go ahead and pull this down now and you can take a look and see how easy this is.

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