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Video By: Sue Breitrose
Location: Los Angeles

Closet Factory Review – Julia

My goal was to optimize the room for lots of clothes, and at the same time, provide ample space for a very big man to move around with ease and enjoy the use and aesthetics of the layout.


“Hi, I’m Julia. I live in Los Angeles, and I’m standing in my closet designed by Sue Breitrose from Closet Factory, and I found Sue through my personal assistant, Max, who I had asked to please find me a closet designer who could solve my crazy-making problems with my husband’s closet.

And he interviewed about three different places and about three different designers and he liked Sue the best, so I met with her and I loved her, too.

And I loved her ideas for the space; for the closet.

So, there was an existing closet along one wall with very heavy doors on it that my husband hated and he never used.

So, his clothes were scattered all around the house. He could never find his stuff. His shoes were everywhere.

This room that became his closet was piled with laundry baskets and mismatched little dressers from different houses we’ve lived in.

And Sue came in and she cleared it all out and she made this wonderful closet that fits all of his oversized . . . he’s a big, big man, and he has long shirts and they’re oversized and she made a closet that’s split up.

And he was very concerned that he couldn’t have a split closet because his stuff was too big and long. But it all fits perfectly. It’s color-coded. His shoes have cubbies that they all fit in.

There are no more mismatched dressers because the closet is filled with drawers and open shelving, or he likes to fold his T-shirts and put them away neatly and then one whole cupboard that opens up and it’s just filled with golf shirts.

And then he has this wonderful open shelf here with a window above it that brings in natural light, and he can pile, pile, pile to his heart’s content, out of my view.

And then we can come in and tidy it up and make it look all great again.

And it just has made him organized and he’s constitutionally disorganized, so I think Sue has really kind of worked a miracle in our lives.

There’s no more clothing scattered all around my bedroom. No more closets through the house that are crowded with his things, preventing me from using them for what they’re meant to be used for.

And the closet has just, pretty much, I would say, changed our organization lives. We love it. Thank you, Sue, and thank you Closet Factory.”

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