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Closet Factory Reviews

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Video By: Cassie Alsbach
Location: St. Louis Metro

Closet Factory Review – Joan

Joan has been a client of Closet Factory for many years. She has done almost every space in her home with the exception of her garage; which she said will be her next project!


“Well, I’m going to talk about the Closet Factory this afternoon.

I had six projects done by the Closet Factory, starting several years ago.

My designer was Chelsea and she was very conscientious. She sat at this table and she hand-drew all the designs and they were beautiful and they were meticulous.

And then she went ahead and did our kitchen pantry. She did our laundry room and she also did our main bedroom.

And they were just really, really lovely. We’ve been so happy with them.

Then, several years passed, and I had some more projects that I wanted to have done.

And Chelsea was no longer available, because she was starting a family, so we were lucky enough to get Cassie, and Cassie was just a delight to work with, too.

She didn’t have to sit down at the table and design everything by hand, because the Closet Factory got some nifty computer programs that she was able to use.

But she designed our; well, my 92-year-old mother was moving in and she designed a closet for her in the guest room.

And then we have a little extra room upstairs that is part of my mother’s so-called “efficiency apartment.”

And Cassie redid a closet there to actually make it a pantry with a shelf for a microwave and a little under-the-counter refrigerator.

And it’s lovely and my mother enjoys it and she uses it every day and we’re just really happy with the Closet Factory.

And we are considering doing more work, and I think this time we’re going to. . . Well, the next time we get work done we’re going to get our garage done.”

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