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Closet Factory Reviews

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Video By: Jacqueline Lewis
Location: Denver

Closet Factory Review – Greg

Greg “Ike” Isenhart gives a glowing review of the work he had done by Closet Factory designer Jacqueline Lewis.


“OK, my name is Greg Isehart. I was asked to come here today by our salesperson from Closet Factory and her name is Jacqueline.

And the reason I’m here is to give a glowing, and I mean glowing, testimonial about Closet Factory and Jacqueline.

You know, when she asked me to come down here, I said, “When do you want me there?” And I think she called me yesterday, as a matter of fact, and I said I will be there the next day.

That’s how impressed I was with the overall experience with Closet Factory and my work with Jacqueline and my wife’s interaction with Jacqueline. She couldn’t be here today but I’m gonna tell you, she would say the exact same thing.

We had some work done in a closet in our bedroom. It was an absolute disaster. And Jacqueline and my wife sat down, they figured out what they were gonna do. They figured out what the budget was gonna be.

Obviously, they ran it by me. (Not that I had much say in the whole thing). But the whole thing was absolutely seamless. And I cannot recommend Closet Factory enough and I cannot recommend Jacqueline enough.

What she did was absolutely perfect for us. There were no issues. She was on top of it. She took great care of us. And everything got done on time.

And what’s more amazing is, there was no issues. The measurements were correct, it came exactly at what price she said it was gonna be done, and all the stuff that Closet Factory did for us as well was done just absolutely perfect.

So, if you’re looking to get your life organized and you need a garage, you need a bedroom, you need a closet, you need anything, I highly recommend you call Closet Factory, and more importantly, call Jacqueline, because I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.”

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