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Closet Factory Reviews

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Video By: Ann Failing
Location: Denver

Closet Factory Review – Bart S.

When their first child reached the age where she could crawl and begin getting into things, Bart Snyder and his wife bought a new house. They needed an entertainment center built that would not only fit into their new home, but would safe for their daughter. Closet Factory designer Ann Failing came up with a great design and it is set to be installed in 3 weeks.


Hi, my name is Bart Snyder, I’m in Denver, Colorado. We called the Closet Factory when our daughter had turned nine months; when she started crawling around and really started to get into everything: all of the shelves, all of the cabinets.

And we needed an entertainment center that would really fit our new home that we had just had built a year ago.

It really went well; what we’re planning on doing, really, is gonna go well with everything that we have in our house and it’s gonna go well with having our child not be able to get into the cabinets and not be able to get into the shelves and pull things down and pull our old entertainment center down and pull the TV down. Things like that.

 We’re really excited about it, and we had an appointment and we had Ann come and she did an amazing job just presenting and really putting down on paper quickly and accurately exactly what we had in mind for our wall and entertainment. At first we didn’t fall really in love with the first idea, but it was very close, and without even asking, Ann knew that we needed another drawing and kind of altered it a little bit.

It really helped fit our budget a little bit better as well.

And we felt in love with the second one immediately, and we’re getting the entertainment center installed in three weeks and can’t wait to really be showing it off to all our friends and telling everyone about Closet Factory.”

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