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Video By: Deb Anastos Senior Designer
Location: Boston

Closet Factory Review – Ann Marrie – Victorian Home

Ann-Marie and her husband live in a large old New England Victorian in Newton, MA. One of the challenges with these gorgeous older homes is…..there is minimal to no closet space. Ann-Marie contacted Closet Factory – Boston and in walked Senior Designer Deb Anastos to the rescue. Take a look at what Deb designed and listen to how this customized storage solution changed Ann-Marie and her husband’s life.
Enjoy…and make sure you watch Part 2!


“Hello. My name’s Ann Marie Copeland, and I live in West Newton, Massachusetts. And welcome to my humble abode.

I’m really excited to tell you about the Closet Factory and what they did to change my life.

I’ve been living in this space by myself for about the past 20 years.

Now, picture right here, I had two very ugly armoires that I bought 20 years ago at Bradley’s that were pressboard, ugly, ugly, ugly. There were right there.

Under the windows here, in here, were stacked shoe boxes up above the windows.

Deb from Closet Factory came into my life and changed the whole thing.

She saw where the ugly armoires were and she put this wonderful plan together and built me this beautiful closet space.

Now I have room for all my clothes and all the different hangings.

I also have these beautiful window seats that store sweaters and hats and all sorts of things that I never had room for before.

You may ask, though, where does my husband put all his clothes? Well, stay tuned to Part 2.”

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