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Our best garage organization tips for everything with wheels…

Why is it important to properly stash all your wheeled items? Two reasons: they are bulky and they can be hazardous to your balance! One wayward miniature mode of transportation could end up tripping you or cause damage to your car’s paint job.

There aren’t a lot of options for a car besides keeping it where it is, of course, but everything from bicycles to scooters, wagons, wheelbarrows and skates can be kept neatly out of harm’s way.

Here are some of our wheel-based garage organization tips:


• The best place to store a bike in your garage is in the rafters, with a rope-and-pulley system to safely lock it in place.

• No room in the rafters? Mount your bicycles to a wall with a custom bike rack.


• Scooters can be hoisted to the rafters just like bikes.

• Coated tool hooks are an excellent method of securing scooters to the wall if you lack the vertical space to hang them.


• Skateboards are best stored on a wall rack. You can either make one or purchase one.

• Skateboards can also be stored on a slatwall using skateboard hooks.


• Wagons can be parked underneath adjustable shelving and used as additional storage when not in use.

Roller Skates

• Keep skates in boxes or bags. If you have a large collection of skates, cubbies are a great way to store and display them in your garage.

• If you no longer have the boxes and/or storage bags for your skates, you can secure them to a wall using a customized sports rack.


• Because of their weight and awkward shape, wheelbarrows should not be stored at an elevation. It’s best to attach them to a wall within arm’s reach using a wheelbarrow holder bracket found at most home improvement stores.

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