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Inside This Guide:

Closet Factory has been creating beautiful walk-in closets that maximize space and add glamor to any room of the house for more than 30 years. As a tastemaker in the custom walk-in closet industry and a leader in the art of organization, Closet Factory is proud to announce our newest publication called, “2018 Walk-In Closet Trends Guide” which describes and demonstrates the latest trends for walk-in closet design.

Because Closet Factory has hundreds of designers across the country creating some of the most prestigious walk-in closets in the world, we see all of the latest design trends. In many cases, our custom closets are installed inside beautiful, professionally designed homes that are owned by people who have a special flair for creativity and design.

Inside this guide, you will find learn how to connect design ideas from the past with the present while also learning how to fuse several different styles that can be found inside many of today’s most modern homes. By reading our new walk-in closet trends guide, you will learn how to apply a wide palette of colors with an emphasis on rich blue hues, watery patterns, eco-friendly materials, exotic botanical and even animal motifs. Even more, you will learn how to combine these patterns with metals, mirrors, retro patterns and natural themes to create an environment that is stylish, interesting and functional.

Our guide on creating the perfect walk-in closet is based on the trends we see and our predictions for how they will evolve. Stay on top of the latest in walk-in closet design with our 2018 Walk-In Closet Design Guide. You will not only be inspired to create your own custom closet, but you will have a greater understanding of how to set the tone for any room of the house.

The guide is divided into five sections that define specific trends. These include:

  • Fit for a Queen: How to create a special place that is fit for a queen.
  • It’s a Man’s World: Closets are not just for women. More and more, men are designing truly beautiful custom closet spaces
  • Natural Zensations: The world of eco-friendly materials and practices are all the rage in today’s world of design.
  • From East to West: The Asian influence in design cannot be ignored. From Madison Avenue to Rodeo Drive, homeowners are incorporating far east influences more and more.
  • The Star Treatment: Everybody loves to imagine themselves as a star. Well, this section will describe exactly how you can create a dressing room that is fit for a star.
  • Fifty Shakes of White: Sometimes getting back to the basics and focus on function is also a style and design theme that continues to capture attention.

Combining the trendsetting elements of function, creativity, and style, Closet Factory’s walk-in closet designs go hand in hand with the versatility and creativity called for by today’s design innovators.

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