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5 Ideas for Decorating the Interior of a Wall Bed Cabinet

A Murphy bed or wall bed as they are also known as is an extremely stylish way to make the most of your room space. With a wall bed that folds away behind cabinetry, a home office doubles as a guest room and sleepovers are a breeze.

Make sure your stylish statement extends to the wall behind it. Most wall beds, when opened, create a bare wall space over the bed. Consider this an enjoyable opportunity to express your creativity and pull the entire room together.

You can paint the wall a contrasting color from the rest of the room or install wallpaper in an interesting pattern. Another option is filling the space with unique pieces of art. If you plan to get a custom made wall bed, consider adding spot lighting to showcase it.

wall bed open with poster on the inside cabinet

Here are 5 of our favorite art ideas:

1. Vintage Posters

Vintage posters can add a great deal of your personality to a room and come in all sizes and genres, from Hollywood movies to French advertisements and sports icons. Search antique shops and flea markets for vintage landscape blueprints. Consider the theme of your room or the subjects that interest you then hunt for the perfect poster. Frame them professionally for a classic look, or use poster hangers that allow the poster to slide into a frame and hang by a ribbon for a more casual feel.

2. Graphic Quilt

Hanging a graphic quilt is a phenomenal way to add a bold splash of color or a unique pattern to any blank wall. Use solid color bed linens on the bed so that the patterns in the graphic quilt pull the theme and décor of the entire room together.

3. Wall Letters

Wall typography is a fun and growing trend. Use letters in an artsy arrangement by using a variety of styles, colors and materials. Use letter prints, letter photography, three dimensional letters, and letters arranged in shadow boxes to create interesting contrasts. Use a single large bold letter to balance out smaller pieces.

4. Headboard Art

Hang artwork low, just above the pillows and within the width of the bed to create a faux headboard for your wall bed. You can hang several small pieces of art in a semi-circle or in the shape of a traditional linear headboard. You could also use a large piece hung vertically or horizontally. Make certain to bolt the canvas or frames securely to the wall for safety.

5. Book Covers as Art

Frame unique, colorful book dust jackets and arrange them behind your bed. If you have a brand new book that you love and don’t want to remove the jacket, scan it instead. Select covers based on the theme of your room or color scheme.

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