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A Common Closet Organizing Mistake You’re Probably Making

Closet organizing is already an arduous task, as you also have to deal with making a pretty tough decision, to throw out or not throw out.

However, that latter part can be attributed to a mistake that you keep making that you may be oblivious to. Think about this for a second; you go shopping and find an item that catches your eye. What do you do? You reach out and touch it. In fact, you turn it in all directions, feel it, play with its functions, etc.

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However, by doing so, you’re setting yourself up to buy the item when you originally didn’t mean to. Numerous studies have shown that our sense of touch has steered us into the direction of purchasing an item and sometimes paying more than its base value for it. Psychologists have attributed this to the fact that touching an object makes us emotionally attached to it. Furthermore, the longer it’s in our hands, the greater its value.

This doesn’t only apply to things that we’re about to buy; this also applies to things that we already own, and in this case it’s the clothes and belongings we have in our closets. You do the exact same things at home in your closet that you do at the store, which is thoroughly analyze an item you’re conflicted about getting rid of or not.

closet organizing

This action itself is one of the reasons why you find it so hard to get rid of junk and why clutter builds up, leaving your closet a total mess!

Simple Solutions for Closet Organizing

The problem is that you’re touching and holding things, so the simplest solution is to not touch your items initially when deciding to purge. Go into purging with a strict mindset and urge yourself to make your decisions based on what you see with your eyes, not what you feel with your fingers.

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If this is difficult for you, if possible, try asking a friend to help give a second opinion. Borrow his or her hands as you ask them to hold the item in question for you. Not only will they not feel any emotional attachment to the item since it’s not theirs and they’re not buying it, you can get an honest opinion to base your own purging decisions off of.

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