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Types of Home Offices for Different Work Styles

For some people, working at home can be the greatest thing that has ever happened to them.

After all, one can enjoy benefits such as being able to have a work/home balance, zero gas consumption, and a less-stressful work environment. On the other hand, many people fail to realize that working from home can be a dramatic transition from your average 9 to 5 job. Not only does it take a profuse amount of discipline to combat any potential procrastination, but for the most part, you set your work schedule to reach your goals, whether they are those of the company that hired you or your own.

Therefore, it’s imperative that your home office is tailored perfectly for you to get things done. But here’s the tricky part; not everyone works the same way. You could have someone who just can’t sit at a desk, a neat freak who needs drawers and cabinets more than California needs water, or a mobile person who needs a change of scenery from time to time. How should a home office be customized for different work styles? Here are some examples:

For the messy types

messy desk with junk

The true embodiment of “the ends justify the means.” These type of workers just don’t have time to worry about cleaning up their work area and instead focus on getting results. Me personally, I could never imagine myself working in a home office where my office supplies were trapped in an endless abyss of papers and even more office supplies.

beautiful built-in desk that is neat

What they need in a home office:

Providing these kind of workers with large desks is key. Actually, let’s rephrase that; longer and larger desks. No one will be able to convince them to clean up their act so might as well give them enough space to spread out their papers, office supplies, and leftover bags of snacks. Let them be who they are and have a custom home office to match.

The neat and organized types

well organized desk top

Pens and other office supplies here, stationary in the front drawer, and reference materials in alphabetical order on the bookshelf; these are some of the standards that the hardcore dedicated abide by when working at home. There can’t be a pencil out of place, and everything must be accessible in their original locations; a start contrast to the aforementioned messy people who work at home.

organized home office built-in

What they need in a home office:

First off, a plethora of shelves and cabinets for storing and displaying the things that are most important to them. Let’s make it better by making it a nice clean antique white along with a cherry wood dental crown and base. Oh, don’t forget a multitude of drawers and pull-out trays. Everything needs to be organized just right!

The can’t-stay-still types

Productivity is at its peak when these type of workers get a little bit of blood pumping in their noggin. They’ll sit at their desk, on the nearby sofa, on the desk itself, or just flat-out pace back and forth. Different situations and assignments force these people to find new places of comfort and inspiration.

What they need in a home office:

Since they’ll be moving perpetually, accessories that adjust to their constant mobility would be perfect. For example, a monitor mount that rotates 360 degrees so that one could view their emails away from the desk would be perfect. For those with a laptop or other electronic devices, power centers in several different areas would allow those devices to have a place to charge nearby.

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