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A Short And Sweet Guide to Chandeliers

For a walk-in closet or pretty much any room in the house, it’s important to have good lighting. The type of lighting can determine whether a room has a romantic atmosphere or a vibrant and cheerful one. A chandelier can play an integral part in this as well as complement your home décor.

The beauty of chandeliers is that they can be placed in any space in the house –closets, kitchen, entryway, living room – you name it! However, depending on the type of chandelier, you’re going to get a different aura for the room. With so many different chandelier styles, it can get intimating to add one to your home. Luckily, we’re here to help with a short and sweet guide on the most common and popular chandelier options.


Chandeliers of the rustic variety commonly feature elements of nature, such as branches, plants, and animals. In addition, because of their organic textures, shapes, and warmth, they emit a natural aura that incorporates a bit of casual décor to the home.


In contemporary/modern chandeliers, you won’t find any traces of ornate designs. Instead, expect to see a lot of simple lines and tones with minimal detailing.


Influenced by Neoclassicism, traditional style chandeliers will have ornate detailing and finely polished materials in their designs. They exude elegance and add a formal tone to any room.


Commonly thought of as “the” chandelier, crystal chandeliers come in different grades including hand-cut, hand-polished, machine-cut, or machine polished. Light reflects off of each precious piece of crystal for a majestic and romantic atmosphere.


Transitional style chandeliers can be viewed as a hybrid of contemporary, modern, and traditional styles. You’ll find that they have a dash of modernity with a touch of ornate décor. Out of all chandelier types, transitional is considered the most adaptable, being able to blend into any interior.

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