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Everything You Need to Know About Reach-In Closets

There are basically two types of closets: one that you can walk into and one that you can’t. Reach-in closets are the ones you can’t stroll into and they’re the most common type of closets built. They usually have some kind of door, sliding or swinging, and are designed to be grab-and-go, which means everything is supposed to be laid out, so you can see where everything is stored.

More Than a Lonely Rod & Shelf

Most reach-in closets only have a single hanging rod and shelf above it, so in order to maximize the space, it’s best to add a custom closet system made up of multiple rods, shelves, cabinets and other storage elements to utilize every inch of space.

maximizing small spaces

A well designed, reach-in closet system can creatively make hard-to-reach spaces fully functional and allows you to incorporate innovative storage components like adjustable shelving, baskets, laundry hamper, jewelry drawers and more.

Adding Function to the SpaceCustom Reach-In Closet


Since the custom-made closet units are attached to the wall of the closet, there are also design opportunities available in creating your custom reach-in closet. Closet systems that have open backs allow the wall to be seen so one way to showcase the custom finish of the closet system is to paint the back wall a complimentary color.


Another way to add functional design to a reach-in closet is to use unique lighting fixtures such as LED closet rods or shelf lighting. Even installing LED panels on the baseboards of the closet system can give the closet just enough light for a soft, muted look.


Room to Grow

One of the advantages of a reach in closet is the versatility of the closet systems available. As your storage needs change, you can also change the configuration of the system. Since the shelves are adjustable, you can move them to fit what you are storing and if possible, you can even add to the closet system as your wardrobe grows.


A custom closet system is specifically designed around a client’s needs and some people have even dedicated a reach-in closet solely to house their collection of shoes or other accessories. It’s all easily accomplished by installing multiple shoe shelves in a reach-in closet, which then not only keeps the shoes organized, but also offers an artistic way of displaying their collection.

  • Check out this gallery to see the quality of functional and artistic design awaiting your reach-in closet.

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