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Designing a Kid’s Homework Space That Motivates

When exactly is the last time your home office, private study, or kitchen workspace was a motivator during your kid’s homework time? For a majority of parents, the answer is, “I don’t know if it ever was…”

Getting your kids to actually study is a lot simpler when they have an appealing space to crack open their books. So whether you’re setting up grade-schoolers to conduct a science experiment, or preparing a college student for those late night cram sessions, these tips for creating the ideal kid’s homework space are sure to inspire a strong, independent work ethic.

Creative Scheduling

Is your child the type of student who needs to glance at a schedule every morning? If the answer is “yes” but you’re tired of the same old boring old cork board, try utilizing a writing slate, scratch pad, or a chalkboard door for a more shabby-chic look that can be easily integrated into your current space.

Let Some Light In

Daylight illuminates a space in a beautiful way, and has mental and physical health benefits

Daylight is good for the mind and body, so try to build that homework space close to a window. Kids can absorb some precious Vitamin D while working on their vocabulary for next week’s test.

Streamline Your Kid’s Homework

A two-tone office. Shelves and walls are white, while desk and office chair are dark brown

Keeping your kid’s homework space streamlined and simple helps them stay on task, regardless of how many assignments and projects they may be juggling at once. Consider incorporating cubbies into the design so your child knows exactly where ‘New Assignments’ and ‘Finished Assignments’ are at a glance.

Add Some Greens

Houseplants have observable health benefits which stem from their passive air cleaning ability and from the care you provide them

Plants add a refreshing aura to any desk and help get kids’ brains pumping with oxygen, which stimulates creativity and critical thinking. For a fun DIY look, add plants to a Mason jar or aluminum bucket and fill it with water.

Say ‘No’ to Internet Surfing

The Internet is a tempting distraction, especially for kids

While most kids claim they have the will-power to control how much time they spend surfing the Internet and social media, the truth is, most don’t. Instead of letting them cozy up with their laptop on the floor, get them in the habit of sitting at a desk where you’ve posted reminders and inspirational quotes to help them stay focused. Introducing a set ‘social media leisure time’ into their schedule can also be a positive compromise – after they’ve finished their homework, of course.

So if you’re tired of staying up half the night hovering over their shoulder to make sure they get their work done, it may be time to re-think the design of your kid’s homework space.

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