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Back to School Guide

About This Guide

Closet Factory understands that organization for school is key to creating confidence, empowerment, and success no matter how old the student. That’s why Closet Factory has created this great download guide book called “Back to School Guide – From Kindergarten to the Dorm!”

Inside this guide, Closet Factory designers provide readers great tips on how to empower students from kindergarten to college to make the most out of the new school year by incorporating organizational tips for school students.

Helping Kids Get Excited About School

This guide starts out helping kids get organized for school by identifying way to help get kids excited. Some of these in ideas include:

  • Making sure your child is familiar with the school
  • Practice teaching your child to say “Hello” and “Goodbye” to help bonding with teachers and other children.
  • Help your child select their own school supplies
  • Create meticulous schedule for the first day of school

Helping Kids Get Organized by Surveying the Closet

Another way parents can help their children become more organized and better prepared for the coming school year is to start surveying what’s in the closet now, before going shopping for new school clothes. Some of the most important and basic items all children should include in their back-to-school-closet include:

  • Comfortable and durable shoes
  • Two or three pairs of jeans
  • Winter jacket
  • Rain coat, boots, and umbrella
  • Sweaters and Sweatshirts

Closet Factory’s “Back to School Guide – From Kindergarten to the Dorm!” also includes some great tips for keeping the entire family more organized and more peaceful during the hectic days leading up to a new school year. Some of the ways families can get better organized include:

  • Track school and family activities on a calendar
  • Create a monthly lunch menu
  • Create a transportation schedule that identifies drop-off and pick-up times

Organized afternoons and evenings begin with making the morning’s organized. Some of the advice Closet Factory designers provide in this guide include

  • Set breakfast table as you clear dinner dishes
  • Pack tomorrow’s lunch today
  • Lay out clothing the night before
  • Double check backpacks for missing/completed homework

Finally, this great download guide includes print-out academic shopping list sheets for the following ages:

  • Kindergarten to Grade 3
  • Grade 4 through High School
  • Off to College


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