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Closet Dangers: 4 Things You Should be Aware Of

Four Closet Dangers and How To Prevent Them

Don’t panic! These closet dangers aren’t going to hurt you right now, but it’s important that you’re aware of them so you can prevent them in the future!



Suit jackets in a closet with a cedar wallMake sure to check your clothes if you suspect you might have a moth problem. Identify which items have holes. The holes caused by moths will have a web left behind. Decide which items are too damaged to save and which items you’d like to keep. You’ll need to clean these clothes thoroughly.

Dry clean the clothes that require it, and wash clothes that don’t on HOT. Make sure to read the labels! It would be a shame to lose an article you really like because it shrank in the dryer.

Once your clothes have been taken care of, clean your closet! Vacuum and make sure to discard the contents of your vacuum immediately to prevent moths from making it their home.

Once you’ve gotten rid of the infestation, it’s time to take preventative measures.

Cedarwood is the number one way to prevent moths. Some homes have cedar closets. If you have one already, it might be time to give it a light sanding. Re-exposing fresh wood will make the cedar far more effective.

You can also purchase cedar hangers, which are a cost-effective way to prevent moths.

It also might be time for a closet redesign. If that’s the case, you can build in cedar as part of your remodel. Closet Factory designs can include cedar backing, which is a highly effective way to prevent moths while making your closet look incredible.

The benefits of cedar


Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew form due to high moisture in an area. Closets are often fully sealed, and clothes do an excellent job of absorbing moisture. If your not careful, your closet could become the perfect environment for toxic growth.

A poorly ventilated closet is far more prone to moisture buildup than a well-ventilated one. If you find that your closet is home to unwanted growth, consider installing a ventilated door, or leaving the door open for an hour or so every day. You can also have a vent installed to release moisture out of the house rather than into it.

Make sure your closet isn’t too packed! An overcrowded closet is a poorly ventilated one, and your mold problems may be solved by simply removing some items to allow better airflow.



If you keep clothes that need to be dry cleaned in a closet, that closet may be full of gasses from the cleaning agents dry cleaners use. These can be harmful to your family, and the solution is quite simple!

When you bring clothes home from the dry cleaner, just leave them out in a well-ventilated area (or outside if you have a good place) for an hour or two. Make sure to remove any coverings the cleaner put over your clothes to make sure the gasses can escape.

Once your clothes have been ventilated for a bit, you’re free to safely return them to the closet.


Fire Hazards

It may never have occurred to you, but your closet lighting might present a fire hazard.A well-lit shoe closet using LED strip lights and pot lights

Oftentimes, closets have a bare bulb on the ceiling. This might seem innocuous, but given how much stuff we cram onto the top shelf of our closets, those bare bulbs can heat up flammable materials like wool or cardboard stacked up high.

If you have a ceiling or wall fixture that uses an incandescent bulb, make sure it has some sort of covering over the bulb, such as a glass globe or sconce. Also, consider swapping the incandescent out for an LED or compact fluorescent bulb.

It’s a good idea, in general, to switch to linear LED lighting, both for safety and aesthetics. Your closet will be better lit, and LEDs produce far less heat and consume far less electricity. They can be installed to be stylish as well as functional!

Closet Factory specializes in both discrete fixtures and integrated LED lighting, so if you’re looking to upgrade your closet, it’s a good idea to think about how you want it to be lit.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, none of these four closet dangers are present in your closets, but if they are, we hope these tips have made you aware and encouraged you to remediate any you found.

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