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How Cedar Wood Protects Your Wardrobe & Wallet

In case you are unfamiliar with cedar, it is a type of wood that comes from the western Himalayan and Mediterranean region.


cedar wood closet factory

There’s been a growing trend of people incorporating this aromatic wood into their closets because of the increased benefits it brings. One of those benefits is its aroma. The aroma that exudes from cedar wood is therapeutic in that it can awaken your senses and keep your nerves calm. The best benefit of the odor is how it can repel insects and other unwanted pests such as moths. Moths are known for being destroyers of wool, because they reproduce by laying their eggs in the irresistible soils that are part of the fabric.

Essentially, cedar acts as a force field for your wool coats and sweaters. Stop wasting money buying replacements when incorporating cedar into your closet design can extend the life of your entire wardrobe! You can also keep that wonderful odor going by gently brushing the cedar with a sheet of sandpaper.


cedar closet factory wood

Another plus of cedar is its ability to absorb moisture in the air. Hot humid areas, especially, create a lot of moisture, and the clothes in your closet have a nasty tendency to absorb it all. As you know, moisture equals increased mold and mildew, which can be catastrophic for your wardrobe and closet. Cedar comes and saves the day by getting rid of all and then some.


closet factory cedar wood

Lastly, cedar adds a pleasing sophisticated look to your closet or any other area of your home. While staying durable, it manages to maintain a good color tone and grain. Also, because cedar is so strong against changing weather conditions, it maintains its quality and color, making it look clean and fresh all year round.

Adding cedar wood to your closet system, especially cedar backing, is sure to be a transformative experience, and a decision you will be proud of for years to come.

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