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Best YouTube Videos On Craft Room Organization

Being productive during your DIY time requires more than just a can-do attitude. It also requires access to supplies and a room free of clutter thanks some semblance of craft room organization.

It can be very difficult to go about organizing your craft room due to its spontaneous and creative nature. Luckily, successful organizers have taken to YouTube to share their brilliant tips and ideas on organizing craft rooms to the public.

We’ve taken the liberty of scouring the depths of YouTube and compiled a list of the most helpful and informative videos on proper craft room management.

A YouTuber by the username of Sea Lemon walks us through on how she was able to maximize her overall productivity and create extra storage space in her relatively small craft room. For instance, she took to Pinterest to find an excellent way to store paint bottles by using paper cups and linking them together to create a mural where she can easily grab a specific color and put it back when she’s done. She also shows you how you can use old USPS packaging to create dividers for papers and notebooks, as well as using pieces of cardboard to store needles, thread, and ribbons.

Annette Green shows us how she segmented and organized her 12 x 12 craft room for different purposes. Her original computer desk was transformed into a “work-in-progress” section with multiple file organizers, bins, and compartments. Since Annette makes handmade cards often, she incorporated a spinning CD rack to place her cards on. In addition, she and her husband attached a floating wall unit where Annette stores paints, reinkers, buttons, embossing powders, etc.

This YouTube user creatively uses hanging shoe storage bags on her door to store her multiple paper punches. The highlight of her craft room is definitely her pegboard where she hangs a variety of useful tools such as pliers, scissors, stamps, stickers, and rulers. Her craft room features a closet where she mounts storage racks behind the door and keeps all of her extra adhesives. Lastly, she stores her ribbon rolls on multi-rod hangers in her closet, which is quite an efficient idea!

Alejandra has been making craft room organization videos on YouTube for quite a while. In this video, she shows us how she did her craft room. First off, she gives us a look at how she dedicated an entire reach-in closet for storing ribbons, paints, containers, and wrapping paper. Since she is a big fan of making birthday packaging, she stores her birthday present bags and cards in a clear hanging organizer that hangs from her door. Oh, she also has a giant roll of bubble wrap hanging from her closet rod. Pretty cool stuff.

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