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5 Clever Household Tips To Keep You Organized

In the economy of planned obsolescence, we often neglect to see everyday household items as more useful than their intended purposes. However, there are many clever ways to reuse items that one would easily consider trash, but yet, surprisingly helpful to improve our everyday lives, save money, and help the environment. Here are five clever tips you’ll thank me later for.

1. Install a tension rod under your sink but in front of the garbage disposal. Hang all of your spray cleaning supplies. It will free up space on the bottom shelf and keep things readily at hand.
2. Have too many wires going to your power strip? Use old bread closures to record which wire is which!
3. Traveling and don’t know what to do when you go to pack your dirty shoes? Simply put them in the plastic shower cap that is usually supplied by the hotel. It will protect all your other clothing.
4. At the beach and your feet our covered with sand? Simply dust baby powder on your feet and brush off the sand. It makes a messy job really easy.
5. Scratches on the base of a new chair? Something as simply as a walnut rubbed onto the scratch will make the scratches seem to disappear!

By Jan Stotlemyer – Closet Factory Washington DC

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