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Jill Zarin is one of the most talked about Reality television stars.

She’s a busy mother, wife, author of Secrets of a Jewish Mother, and designer of the new Jill Zarin Home Collection. Most recently, she launched Skweez Couture, a fashionable body shapewear line available in major department stores and on HSN. Jill made her television debut in 2008 starring on The Real Housewives of New York City in which she quickly became known for her style and taste in shoes along with her passion for buying costume jewelry.

One on One

Closet Factory: Describe your everyday ensemble.
Jill: “The only way to describe my ensemble is that everyday is different. If I am at home I’m in my Skweez with a tank and sweatshirt! I also like to lie around in my pajamas. If I am going to a meeting or to a party I usually wear a dress. For work occasions I like to wear a blazer with pants or jeans.”

Closet Factory: What accessories can’t you live without?
Jill: ”A great hand bag! Seriously, I am in love with my handbags. I also love belts. I made my own belt with my own Z logo. It is sterling silver and gold plate with a cross strap in brown and black. I LOVE it with my jeans. I am a designer so I design a lot of my own stuff.”

Closet Factory: Describe how the design Closet Factory created for your closet has changed how you organize your wardrobe.
Jill: “I organize so differently now. Before I did not have enough hanging space. Now my closet is a paradise for organization. I am really happy as everything has a place.”

Closet Factory: Describe how you organize your wardrobe and
Jill: “I organize my closets by season. I always keep a small amount of the opposite season if I am travelling. Two times a year I try on everything.”

My tips for organization:
(now I feel like an expert!)

  • Try on clothes twice per year.
  • Open a store on eBay and sell what you are not wearing.
  • People tend to overbuy certain things like black boots or black pants. If you have 5 get rid of 3. Sell them. Sell them.
  • Give your extra things to a charity if you don’t want to sell.
  • Shop for what you need not want – it will keep you more organized and save you money.
  • Put hooks on a wall for necklaces – great way to showcase.

Jill’s Personal Tip:
“I don’t believe in wearing dirty clothes or old cashmere! There is nothing worse than seeing someone with good style and a pilling cashmere sweater. Clean your clothes or get rid of them!”

Closet Factory: Tell us something about yourself that a reader would be surprised about?
Jill: “I am a complete animal lover! I hate the smell of tuna fish, and Bobby (my husband) was going to rent/buy another apartment so I could use it as a closet. Luckily Closet Factory came to the rescue and now we don’t have another mortgage to pay!”

Closet Factory: Is there one designer that you consistently favor year after year?
Jill: “I have had a long love affair with Lanvin and wear it as much as possible; Alber Albez designs clothes that make women feel glamorous, sexy, chic and powerful.”

Closet Factory: Describe how and why you selected the colors and design elements used in the design of your closet.
Jill: “I wanted it to blend with the wall colors and style of my bedroom. I wanted the design to resonate with my decorating taste.”

Closet Factory: What are your favorite day-to-night pieces and why?
Jill: “I like to wear day clothes at night an night clothes during the day. I like to change it up. It is good to have different looks. Having said that – I always love an easy go to dress like a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress, or a Donna Karen classic dress.”

Closet Factory: What is your favorite feature in your new closet system?
Jill: “The clear drawers, laundry basket that pulls out, belt pull out. I just love the way it makes me feel. I love getting ready now. The experience is completely different than before.”

Closet Factory: Describe your biggest closet “problem?”
Jill: “My previous custom closet was put together badly. The system did not work – everything was unorganized and it would make me so irritated. “Now, my life is better! Closet Factory re-configured my closets and now they seem so much bigger and organized. The quality is just so much better at Closet Factory.”


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