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We Wish You A Clutter Free Christmas

There are items we hold onto for practical purposes. Tax documents are filed and birthday invites hang on the fridge until the party comes and goes. But, there are also times in which we hoard meaningless junk, fearful that we may someday need it. We convince ourselves that the missing piece will turn up, that we will finally find time to have a broken appliance repaired, or that someday those pants will fit again. All those things may ring true, but material goods are easily replaced and readily available, so don’t sweat it.

With the holidays looming and decorations moving from the closet to your walls, there is no room for nonsense in your home. Well, as fortune would have it, we’ve compiled a list of things you should throw out at this very moment to start your holiday off right and stay organized throughout. Hold your breath, close your eyes, and throw away the following to achieve a clutter-free holiday.


1 – Tupperware containers

Specifically those missing a mate because that lid will never resurface, I promise.


2 – Clothes that Don’t FitReach-In Closet Closet Factory

You are allowed to keep one item so you can revel in your “Miranda Hobbes fits into her skinny jeans” moment. (That is a sex and the city reference because you know we are so fond of those). All the rest must go. Clothes are always replaceable. Try donating them or selling them to Crossroads or Buffalo Exchange.


3 – Mateless Socks

Because that sock will never resurface, I promise.


4 – Old iPhones or Laptops

You don’t have to throw these away, but you can easily find a place to donate them. You may have dreams of selling them, but if you still haven’t gotten around to it and they are collecting dust in your desk drawers, it is time to let them go.


5 – Perfume

Perfumes oxidize over time, causing the scent and color to change. Typically a perfume can last 3-5 years on your shelf, though it depends on the contents of the bottle. Do regular nose checks and throw away anything that no longer smells appealing to you.


6 – Magazines

Hold onto only your very favorites for coffee table décor, and recycle the rest.

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