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Wine Storage – VERY BEST Ways to Enjoy Wines at Home

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Are you thinking of constructing a wine room in your home or are you a lover of fine wine? There are a lot of things to consider when developing the space including the location and proper storage of the wine. And if you are really a lover of  fine wine, or interested in expanding your knowledge in the subject then read on for useful tips:

“Selecting just the right accessories for your wine room or cellar is just as important as selecting the right wine to go with your meal.  Knowing how many bottles you wish to store is one aspect of selecting the right wine storage accessories.  Another important detail is how you will use the room.  Wine tasting in the room may require stemware racks and drawer dividers to keep corkscrews, coasters, and napkins orderly.  Counter-tops and bar-rails are popular accessories if you plan to feature a bar for entertaining.  Because our list of wine room accessories is extensive, consult with your designer for a full selection of offerings.

A Wine Cellar by definition is a self-enclosed area in your house that is used exclusively for storing and aging wine.  Wine Cellars can store anywhere from a couple hundred bottles to several thousand.  Wine Cellars generally have insulation surrounding the walls, a vapor barrier to manage the moisture level and probably some type of cooling unit, although if the temperature is low and stable year-round that might not be necessary.

Wine Storage can range from a few bottles in your kitchen pantry or hallway closet to several bottles located under your stairs in your butler’s pantry or even your coat closet.” – Kevin Urbany of  Wine Master Cellars

Being a self proclaimed wine connoisseur I am always impressed by our custom wine rooms. In recent years the trend has been incorporating wine storage systems in various parts of the home including the dining area, pantry, home office, and media rooms.  However, there are often questions about proper wine storage that can come up during a conversation to build a custom wine rack. So, we decided to come up with a solution that answers a wide variety of questions about wine!

In this guide you will find useful tips on:

  • What to look for when choosing where to store your wine
  • How wine is stored
  • Why you need the right glass by the type of wine

Download Closet Factory’s free wine guide The VERY BEST Ways to Enjoy Your Wines At Home!  If you want custom wine storage in your home then check out our Closet Factory Wine Rooms and request a free design consultation!

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