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What’s in Carrie’s Closet?

In terms of closets, which character from HBO’s iconic series Sex and the City represents you? Are you Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte? Out of all the woman, Carrie’s closet is the one that viewers are most familiar with since she spent so much time in it, however, these fashion forward women most certainly had amazing custom closets.

Much of the show’s success stemmed from the fact that the four leading ladies represented various personality types that girlfriends recognized in one another. And since our closet is a reflection of who we are, let’s indulge in the fantasy of how each character’s closet would look and which woman we would most relate to based on our closet character.


If you’re a Carrie, you would have a walk-in closet to house your high-fashion inspired wardrobe and shoe collection. Despite living in a one-bedroom apartment on New York’s Upper East Side, Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment had suspiciously large rooms, but one doesn’t argue with the fantasy of television.

Carrie’s grey-blue walk-in closet had a mixture of long and short hanging rods, shelves and drawers because as a member of New York’s glitterati, you must have a closet to organize all the glitter. Famous for her shoe fetish, Carrie would most definitely have several shoe shelves to display her babies.

When Carrie moves into a penthouse with longtime boyfriend Mr. Big in the “Sex and the City” movie, she falls in love with the huge white walk-in closet with rows and rows of shoe shelves that is almost the size of her old apartment. Later, the closet plays a pivotal role in the movie’s plot when after Carrie and Big break up, she returns to pick up a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes she had left behind and runs into Mr. Big. The couple repair their relationship by spending time together in the otherwise empty closet, which demonstrated that a beautiful walk-in closet is not only a a place for organizing one’s clothes, but it can also serve as a setting for couples therapy.

What about Samantha? If you relate to her, you’re a businesswoman; confident, strong and outspoken, and your closet says the same thing. Samantha Jones is the one out of the group whose closet would also serve as her woman cave since Samantha can have anything a man has and even more.

Her modern walk-in closet would be her oasis from the world. It’s a place where she could lounge and sip wine while admiring her collection of clothes and shoes. Also a clotheshorse, Samantha’s closet has shoe shelves, drawers and a combination of long-hanging and short-hanging rods to accommodate all her various outfits from business clothing to club wear. She would also have an island where she can house all her jewelry that also serves as a bar when she invites the girls over for cocktails.

Are you a Charlotte? If so, then your closet is super-organized, color-coordinated and everything is arranged with a purpose. A classic over-achiever and perfectionist, Charlotte York’s closet is like everything in her life, there is a plan, a meaning and closet clutter isn’t even in her vocabulary, much less her house. In addition to the must-have rods, drawers and shoe shelves, this walk-in closet would have a multitude of accessories like belt and tie racks, purse cubbies and jewelry drawer so that there’s a place for everything and everything in its place. More conventional, Charlotte’s closet decor is feminine, but she is more than happy to make space in it for a special man.

If you relate to Miranda, you and your closet must be no nonsense with various sections designed to hang your lawyer suits apart from your mommy clothing. Since Miranda Dobb’s evolution from single, career-minded Manhattan lawyer to married mom living in Brooklyn, one thing that probably hasn’t changed is her practical, reach-in closet, which she now shares with her bartender husband and his very basic wardrobe. With a young child, Miranda probably also has a custom closet system in her son’s room since she needs to keep him organized in order for her to juggle a busy working mom’s life.

As Carrie so famously once said, “I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet.” Check out Closet Factory’s website to see how reasonably your money can be used to create a custom closet to hang all of your clothing investments.

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