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Transform Your Closet Into a Glam Room


Let’s face it – with more and more celebrities letting us glimpse into their fabulous closets (I’m looking at you Khloe Kardashian, with your fancy fitness closet), we’re all getting the bug for a designer closet. Because…well, #goals right? We hear about how the rich and famous are turning their closets with hoards of shoes, clothes and beauty products into their own private glam rooms, and why shouldn’t we have one?

Yes, just last year, we were turning our closets into mini-boutiques and now we’re turning them into full-scale glam rooms. And we’ve got the inside scoop on how you can give your closet the Kylie Jenner treatment!

What You Need to Make Your Closet Glamorous


Shelves will always one of the staples of a lux closet, but in a glam room, they’re even more of a necessity. How else will you store your racks and racks of shoes? They keep shoes nice and organized for easy viewing which is essential for your glam room.


And speaking of the view — yours will be spectacular because of all of the different lighting options available to you. LED lights are all completely on trend for closets right now, so you’ll definitely want to add a few to line your shelves and clothes racks. But that’s just the basics — to really add sparkle and appeal, a chandelier will wash the room in bright warm light. To truly bring your glam room to life, incorporate a beauty light ring for the perfect selfie to show off your outfit for the day’s adventures!


A woman with short hair tries out a dress on her

We can’t talk about lighting without mentioning mirrors — because aside from getting the perfect selfie in the perfect light, you’ll want to ensure that you can see yourself from all angles. And here’s a little tip: mirrors naturally make any space look bigger! So, now you’re not only creating your own private dressing and beauty room, but you’re enhancing the space within — and you’ll always be able to see how your outfit looks before you sit down to apply your makeup.

Seating Area

Since we’re on the subject of sitting, you’ll be sitting extra pretty thanks to the addition of your plush chaise lounge chair. Since this is your glam room, you’ll want to take some time to ponder the day or night’s look. You might as well sit down and relax in style as you survey your assortment of colors and styles for the day’s outfit. Will it be the bright bold pump or the nude? Now you have a place to contemplate in peace as you decide.


Finally, we can discuss the centerpiece of it all — the island. Here is where you can store all of your jewelry and collectibles. With a nice frosted glass countertop for added glamour, this utility item becomes the home for pull out drawers that contain everything from exotic jewelry to make up and sunglasses.

Don’t Be Shy, Glam it Up

As you can see, your glam closet contains more than just the essentials like valet rods, crown drawer dividers and laundry cabinets. It’s all about going the extra mile so that you never have to leave your dressing space to get ready for a day out…or a night in!

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