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The Top-4 Tips to Get You Organized for Gift Giving Season

Does the thought of all that holiday shopping make your heart pound and palms sweat? The holidays are such a busy time especially for those with big families and the addition of gift shopping to the to-do list can be anxiety provoking for anyone. One way to cut down on this pressure is to have a year round gift closet where you store a stock pile of gifts, gift wrap and cards, so when you need to give a present, you have a handy go-to get the gift-giving job done.

It may sound silly to dedicate a closet space to house only gifts, but is it any more ridiculous to have a dedicated shoe closet or craft room? Think of the time and money you’ll save once prepared for every gift-giving occasion. It’s better to purchase gifts when items are on sale than to have to run out, shop and wrap everything at the last minute and be handcuffed to increased prices. So, buy the perfect gift for someone when you see it – preferably on sale – and store it rather than purchasing under pressure when the time comes.

If you’re ready to set up a gift closet in your home try these tips that will help you stay organized for any special occasion.


Select a Storage Space

A small closet that is not big enough to hold linens or clothing works perfectly. Make sure the closet is accessible and secure in case you want to lock the closet from little curious hands. Whether you have a reach in closet or a walk-in, using custom closet units with built in shelves and cabinet doors are ideal for storing presents and keeping them out of sight. Another great reason for custom closet organizers is that the shelves are adjustable and removable so you can take changes the space’s purpose at a later date by installing drawers or a hanging clothes rod.


Keep an Inventory

There’s no point in having an organized gift closet if you don’t know what gifts you have stored inside. Hang your list on a clipboard in your closet, so that each time you purchase something, you can easily record what it is, where you are storing it and who the present is for. For family members, it may be more helpful to have baskets or boxes labeled with their names so you can simply put gifts you collect into their respective baskets. Or, you can sort your gifts into different baskets by categories: Christmas, birthday, children etc. so depending on the occasion, you know in which basket to look. No matter how you categorize, you should still keep an inventory list because it’s easier to read a list than go rifling through storage containers.


Shop Sales and Stock up

Be on the look out for gift closet merchandise during seasonal clearances, end of summer inventory reductions and after-Christmas sales. You will probably be attending more than one wedding or graduation and no one will know if you give every happy couple or graduate the same gift. If you find a present you like, buy a few so you’re always prepared.

Gift cards are always a perfect present especially if you get a discount when you buy in bulk. Just make sure you make note of the expiration date or you will wind up buying a lot of coffee or movie tickets for yourself. Stocking up is helpful especially if you don’t like to shop because you can get a good portion of your shopping done at once.


Gift Wrap, Ribbon and Cards

Your gift closet is where you should also store these items to create the ultimate one-stop, gift-wrapping shop. With a custom closet system, you can get storage cubbies that are ideal for storing all your decorative accessories. You could also use commercial gift wrap organizers that can either be hung or stored on shelves to help keep your closet organized and neat. There are also over-the-door organizers available in retail stores that have compartments where you can keep assorted gift-wrap items.



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