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Top-10 Essential Staples for Every Woman’s Wardrobe

Although many women experience closet guilt regarding too much clothing and shoes, inevitably at some point, they will also lament, “I have nothing to wear.” These two opposite emotions can be erased by the following list of essential staples that every woman should have in her wardrobe. While it’s unrealistic for most ladies to have only one of each item, the reality is one is all we need. So pretend you have very limited closet storage and you can only fit wardrobe must-haves. Then, design your closet starting with these wardrobe essentials:


  1. 1 – The Black Cocktail Dress: A classic black dress with beautiful yet simple design
    elements exudes chic and sophistication. Make sure that it fits well and is well made. A timeless yet comfortable choice would be a black wrap dress, which goes from the office to cocktails effortlessly.
  2. 2 – Blue Jeans: A well-fitting pair of jeans goes a long way. Have a pair of dark blue jeans for more dressed up occasions and a lighter blue for when you want to hang out. Make sure your jeans fit your curves in the right places; no bagginess allowed or you wind up looking more like a fashion faux-pas then a fashion statement.
  3. 3 – White French-Cuff Dress Shirt: There are white shirts and then there’s a classic French-cuff white dress shirt. The cuffs elegantly elevate any outfit whether it’s a simple pair of pants or a suit. This versatile, comfortable piece can either be worn casually or formally but it always makes a statement.
  4. 4 – Black Pants: This is the ultimate multi tasker. A tailored, sleek pair of black pants that flatter your figure can be worn with anything to either dress up or dress down an outfit. A nice cotton or cotton-blend pair of black pants is a good basic piece for any season.
  5. 5 – Black Pumps: If for some horrible reason you could only have one pair of shoes, choose a beautiful, well-crafted pair of black pumps. Make sure the height of the heel is comfortable for you and you will be able to wear this perennial fashion favorite anywhere.
  6. 6 – A Flat: When you want a rest from your heels, opt for flats in a neutral color that will match any outfit. Make sure the shoe has enough support for your foot since the heel is low. Whether adorned with an embellishment or plain, a nice flat shoe gives you various wardrobe-matching options.
  7. 7 – A Suit: There is nothing like a perfectly tailored suit to offer you plethora of fashion choices. As a suit, it’s perfect for work, and when separated, you can wear the jacket and pants or skirt with other items. Choose a suit in black, blue or gray tones in order to get the most versatility.
  8. 8 – Dressy Jacket or Blazer: A nice jacket or blazer is one easy way to create an outfit when matched with a skirt or pants. It also offers you various looks from casual to business. Paired with jeans, you can wear it on the weekends and when paired with a business skirt, it takes you to work.
  9. 9 – A Pencil Skirt: Not just for the office, a pencil skirt can also be worn after-hours when matched with a sexy silk top or camisole. This versatile piece can also be paired with a dress shirt over the camisole to take you from day to night events by simply removing the shirt.
  10. 10 – A Black Purse: Having one purse is a challenge for most women, but if you must choose one, then pick a style that is simple and small, so you can fit everything you need, but that can also be used for social occasions.

Men and women both need wardrobe basics, but these women’s wardrobe basics will keep you looking sharp and in tip-top shape.

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