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Tips for Decorating Your Window Seat

You can find a window seat in homes from just about every architectural era, from colonial to post-modern. Why? Because their flexible form adds both style and storage space to any room of the home.

As a mudroom by your front door, or a reading nook for kids in the family room, a custom window seat offers the perfect solution. Here are a few ideas on how to decorate the space to reflex your own personality and unique sense of comfort.

Personalizing with cushions

When topping a window seat off with cushions, make sure the ones you’ve selected are about as thick as a sofa’s, between 2 to 4 inches. Stylistically, leather or suede exudes luxury in the living room or your home office, while velvet cushions feel romantic in any room.

A brown and white cat lounges on a blue and white blanket

If you’re looking to design a more modern looking space, choose a plain, pattern-less cushion. However, if your focus is on comfort, you can’t beat a nice plush, tufted cushion. And for those who are looking for a formal feel to the space, go with a Box Welt or Edge cushion, which feature defined edges with contrasting piping to show off the added depth.

Adding pillows

Once you’ve decided on a cushion for your window seat, it’s time to pick out the pillows. Soft throw pillows that can be tucked behind the small of your back or your head are great, but if you’re in need of a little more support, you want 20-inch-square firm pillows to line the back of your window seat.

A collection of vibrant pillows sit on a corner bench in an enclosed porch

Pillows are obviously available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and materials, but whichever one you settle on should blend in with the room’s existing decor. With a Knife’s Edge pillow, the side seams taper into sharp corners, which pair well with contemporary interior design.

A Flange pillow, on the other hand, features additional fabric that extends out from the side seams, softening the look of the space for that English cottage feel.

Boost natural lighting

Natural lighting is beautiful, but sometimes it’s just not enough. Boost the amount of light your window seat gets and highlight your decorating efforts with LEDs in the ceiling, sconces on sidewalls, or a lamp on a side table.

A sunlit bay window bench

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