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The Science of Paint


Before you install any of our custom units, you need to have the room fully painted and ready to go. And knowing that you are getting a brand new wall-organizational system may get your decorating gears revving. Sure, white is the tried and true, able to stand the test of time in all its minimalist glory. But, maybe it is time to try something different.

Perhaps you are aching to step outside of the beige box you’ve been in for years and take a risk. We applaud your bravery, and hopefully our tips below will make it less of a risk and more of an adventure.


1 – Opposites Attract

If you are going with blue, clearly the entire room need not adhere. You want the space to have colors that complement each other without looking too busy. Start with what you already have, and refer to the color wheel for a color on the other side of the spectrum. Is your duvet purple? Try painting a wall red. Blue can complement both orange and yellow, and green goes with fuchsia. But, if you are making a strong statement, such as emerald green, make sure to keep the rest of your décor to a minimum.



2 – Learn the Effect of Colors

A paint color is more than just a decorative choice. The paint you choose will effect how you feel in its presence. Take into account the room you are painting, and what will be transpiring in said room. For example, cooler colors, such as blue and purple, have a calming effect, and are therefore great for a bedroom or nursery. Whereas warmer colors, think red, orange, yellow, are more stimulating, and will leave you feeling more energized. Dark and cool colors, a navy blue perhaps, are great for a theater room or man cave, as they create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.


3 – Take into Account Room Size

We’ve all heard it before, but it is worth reiterating. Wall color is monumental in the spatial perception of a room. If it is a small room, you want to stick with neutral or cool colors to make the walls appear further away. Warm colors have the opposite effect, making a space feel more intimate.


4 – Think About Lighting

In order to be happy with the color you choose, you have to make sure it will end up the color you chose. The lighting of a room can make all the difference in the tone and saturation of the end result. If you have grand windows and plenty of light, the color will turn out almost identical to the color swatch. Incandescent lights, on the other hand, elicit warm tones, while florescent lighting evokes sharp blue notes. Bare this in mind and make sure to test the colors before painting.


Now go forth and paint, but keep in mind this advice to make the most of your newly organized home.

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