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The Organizational Gift Guide 2022

The holiday season is coming soon, and whether you celebrate a gift-giving holiday or not, now is the perfect time to think about getting that special organizer in your life something to make theirs easier. We’ve put together a list of items below that we think make organizing much easier, but we don’t want you to take this as gospel! Use this guide to come up with some ideas for the organizer in your life, customized to their needs and your relationship with them.

For the Fashionista/o in your life

Man shining shoes

Shoe Care Equipment

If you know someone who loves shoes, a shoe care set can be a great gift. There are many complete kits available, which come with a few kinds of polish, brushes, soft cloths, and scrapers or other tools. Often these kits will have multiple colors of polish, adding some versatility. If you know the needs of the recipient well, then you might try putting together a kit yourself! It is a much more personal gift when you’ve picked every piece out yourself, and you can better guarantee quality.

Clothing Bags

For a person with a lot of delicate or seasonal clothes, a set of clothing bags can be a wonderful gift. Delicate clothes like suits or dresses are well protected by clothing bags which will keep dust and debris off of harder-to-clean items. Clear bags even let the person know exactly what they’re grabbing without needing to open things up. Someone with a lot of seasonal clothes will benefit from clothing bags as they allow for long-term storage without as much long-term care needed. Don’t worry to much about price; any quality made clothing bag will do.

Clear Boxes

A set of nice clear plastic boxes can make for a great gift for someone with a collection of shoes or purses. Clear boxes provide proper storage, shelter from dust and falls, while retaining the visual appeal of those items. They can require a lot of space depending on how many you get, so keep that in mind.

Irons and Steamers

An iron and board can be useful, but sometimes you just want to press something quickly before you head out the door. For the person who is always on the go, a handheld steam iron would be a fantastic gift. They’re small enough to be taken abroad but large enough that you don’t spend all day ironing.

For at-home use, a home steamer is a great gift. Perfect for someone with an extensive wardrobe (and closet to match), a home steamer allows you to freshen clothes and relax them back into their natural shape. Make sure the recipient has room for an appliance like a home steamer, which stand roughly as tall as a person and as wide as a small vacuum.

For the Organizer and their stuff

Shelves with movable storage units

Baskets and Totes

When storage meets transport, look to baskets and woven or cloth totes. Great for pantries, laundry rooms, or anywhere storage might be visually out in the open, baskets and totes and match, complement, or contrast their shelves and walls in color and texture. If you aren’t buying for someone in your home, come up with a good excuse to walk through their spaces and figure out how to match the baskets to their style.

Label Makers

No matter how organized a person is, they can still sometimes get lost in their organization. A label maker can make a world of difference to ease of access and identification in a pantry, garage, attic, game room, or anywhere items might appear similar at first glance. When combined with a good set of transparent plastic or plexiglass drawers or boxes, a label maker can create the perfect organizational solution for virtually any space.

Pot and Pan Organizer

Pots and pans can take up an awful lot of space in the kitchen. For those strapped for space, an organizer can reclaim some much-needed cabinet, counter, or shelf space while keeping their cookware exactly where they should be. A gift like this is especially good for the chef in your life.

Copper Canister Food Storage

Bakers and cooks often have their more commonly used ingredients out on their countertops in airtight containers. Coffee, sugar, flour, spices, and more could be stored in traditional plastic and gasket containers like you might find at a big box store, but look to copper for a really unique and sweet gift. Copper seals just as air-tight as a rubber gasket, so you won’t be sacrificing style for function.

For the work-from-home Professional

Charging Station

Our devices are an important part of our lives, and keeping them charged and ready can be critical for some. For the high-powered business person, tech nerd, or large family in your life, a multi-device charging station could be a lifesaver.

Standing Desk Converter

Give the gift of a healthy back to the hard worker in your life with a standing desk converter. With the ability to hang two monitors and a shelf for keyboard and mouse, standing desk converters sit on the existing desktop and allow for adjustment up and down. We know sitting is the least healthy thing we do every day, so why not help someone you love rise up to a healthier work life.

The Ultimate Gift

A walk-in closet with chandelier and island

The greatest gift of organization you can give is an appointment with a Closet Factory designer. This appointment is the first step in creating a truly custom closet, office, garage, or any other space your loved one might want or need.

Anyone will love the gift of custom organization because it allows them to put as much of themselves as they want in their organization. They’ll appreciate no longer being beholden to semi-custom solutions, and it’s an opportunity to totally transform their chosen space or spaces. If you decide to get a custom closet for your spouse, you’ll have the joy of seeing them create their ideal space. They might even let you use it now and then!