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Storage Solutions for the Studio Apartment

Keeping Organized Can Be Hard

Studio apartments are often small, but their size belies their incredible storage potential. Whether you’re living in your studio full time, just for the work-week, or on occasional vacations, you can benefit from these easy tips to keep your studio organized!

Bed storage

The first obvious place for more storage is the bed. If you need extra floor space, then a wall bed from Closet Factory is the best possible option. Wall beds are often accompanied by matching cabinetry or closet space, allowing your bed to double as your closet and keeping your daily needs within arms reach.

A studio in the daytime overlooking San Francisco

If you don’t need the extra floor space, your bed is sitting on top of incredible potential floor storage. We recommend storage bins, drawers, or pull-outs. It’s best to choose something that allows for pulling out from under the bed and into proper lighting. Everyday clothes can be stored under your side of the bed for easy access, while the foot of the bed can be left for less accessed items.

Room Dividers

For a place with no doors, wall dividers are a great way to define spaces and their use. Room dividers often have storage options, usually emulating a classic bookshelf. In fact, virtually any standing furniture can serve as a room divider, from folding screens to bookshelves.

A room divider separates workspace from bedroom

This is more visible storage which provides a great opportunity for your organization to look amazing as well as being functional. Decorate the two sides of your room dividers appropriate for the room they’re facing, and consider using flat vertical surfaces like the back of a bookshelf as wall hanging space.

Storage Cubbies

Cubbies are the shorter, quieter cousin to the room divider. Where a room divider usually goes floor to ceiling and displays objects like a shelving unit, cubbies are often waist height and designed to keep your organization hidden. The most common form cubbies come in is as a series of square open shelves and canvas boxes which slide perfectly into them. These opaque boxes often come in nice patterns and pleasing colors, and they offer a massive increase in storage space and organization.

Using both room dividers and storage cubbies you can transform one large room into a number of specialized spaces!

Kitchen Island

Your kitchen might be the best organized space in your studio just by virtue of the storage you get by default. If you find that your A brightly colored kitchen island on wheelskitchen needs more storage or you just don’t have enough counterspace, we recommend getting a rolling island. These are sturdy wood and steel constructions that have the durability and space saving you need with the mobility and ease of access you want. Larger islands can serve to denote the edge of your kitchen space, while smaller ones can me moved from place to place while you cook.

Fold-Down Dining Table

If you need workspace, host guests often, or just want a nice place to have dinner, a fold-down table is a great option. A Closet Factory folding table is also an excellent option if you’re looking for creative ways to work more organization into your studio. Your fold-down table can include storage for anything you want easy access to from your table, everything from cloth napkins to plates and cutlery, or even board games!

The Closet Factory Difference

No matter what organization you choose to add to your studio, choosing a custom Closet Factory design gives you the organized storage you need and looks beautiful doing it! While you can choose DIY options for anything we’ve discussed above, custom will always be the superior option owing to our ability to work with you to create the studio you dream of. Your needs, your desires, your look!a raised murphy bed with entertainment center

What could be easier to use than something you designed to fit you perfectly? By working with your Closet Factory designer you can create exactly what you need, exactly where you need it. From a single luxury wall bed to a complete studio organization overhaul, we can create it! From airy high-rises to comfy brownstones, our selection of materials and accessories can match any look.

Even if you have unusual needs for your studio – maybe you’re a painter, photographer, or podcaster – we can create the system you need. We excel at creating functional and beautiful workspaces, ready to be used as the largest and most comfortable tool in your toolbox!

Whether you need to make the most of your space or it’s just time to renovate, give Closet Factory a call or fill out our no-obligation design appointment form and let us show you the Closet Factory difference.