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Small Closets in Miami Get Extreme Makeovers with Customized Work

Ways Customized Closets Can Wring Out More Storage Space for Your Needs

If you live in a tiny apartment, chances are your personal closet will have the capacity of a medium-sized cupboard. While it might be adequate for people who own personal stuff that you can count in one hand, no ordinary person will be able to use, let alone show off a miniscule, disorganized closet to house guests.

Why customized closets?

Small closets can be a pain to deal with especially if you have too many clothes and personal stuff to store. Customized closets can help free up spaces that you don’t even know you had without compromising the integrity or the overall aesthetic of your apartment. You also have the chance to handpick the materials and work closely with the builder so that the design will exactly suit your taste and lifestyle.

Furthermore, customized closets are not only made for the convenience of the fairer sex, but can also be of use to dapper gentlemen who need space to neatly store their suits and ties.

How to squeeze out more storage space with customized closets

While a custom closet cannot magically expand your living space, it can create an illusion of such since it gives a proper place for every accessory, shoes, and clothes you own for easy access. Every shelf, hook, and rod in a customized cabinet has a unique storage purpose that you can use.

Unlike stock cabinets that you can buy from any furniture store, customized closets are built exactly to fit your tiny apartment without sacrificing any of the available storage space. Since stock cabinets come in predetermined sizes, it will be hard to find a built closet that would give more space and still look fashionable as a customized closet.

Organization is really the key in keeping your tiny closet functional. With the customization, you can insert a lot of shelves where you can neatly store clothes that you are most likely to wear on any normal day. You can also ask for a second closet rod just behind the main one to hang all your out-of-season clothes to get them out of the way until the time that you actually need them (i.e. winter clothes). The same can be said of deep shelves, where you can fold the clothes that you won’t be using for yet a few more months.

For shoes, you can get rid of bulky shoe boxes and use an over-the-door shoe organizer instead to save more closet space. You can dedicate a shelf for your bags while a few handy hooks and racks can help store your accessories such as scarves and jewelry with ease.

You don’t need to suffer living in a disorganized room if you can get customized closets. Not only do they free up space, they can also help you breathe easy knowing that your treasured possessions are stored neatly and properly.

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